Friday, March 21, 2008

High Wasted (yes, I know I spelled it wrong)

I've been having a problem lately with destroying my vintage clothes when out and about. I think the alcohol turns me into a clothing murderer. I'm sure to get 30 to life in prison once they find me. Within the last 3 months i've managed to destroy 3 pieces of clothing that are waaaaaaaaaaaay older than I am (I'm PRETTY old) At the X-mas party i'd throw my arms up in the air when i'd dance and i'd rip the pit out, then the side of the dress, then the other pit, then almost the WHOLE thing. This dress was a real beaut... from the early 1900's. I'll try to post pics when I get some. I scored it at an estate sale and my eyes lit up-esp at the $14 price tag. Then a few weeks ago we were out riding bikes and my vintage Levi's decided to show my ass to the world. Few days ago, my 1960 green hip huggers decided to show my crotch to the world. WTF!!!!! The main reason I feel horrible about ruining my vintage clothes is that they have been good and healthy up until they meet me. Maybe this has something to say about my lifestyle.. perhaps a change is due.

Some good replacements for high waisted jeans are...

Judi Rosen -Cigarette Jeans in BLACK! So HOT! ($205) I can't seem to get a good pic to post so here's the link

There are a TON on ebay...

check out ACNE these Tube Lena ones are pretty hot but $300!!!
18th Amendement makes a pretty nice pair also -18th Amendment Colbert High Waist Flare Jean

Grey Ant Braid Jeans are SUPER hot also $330.. yowzers! how come jeans nowadays are so expensive. I bet when high waisted jeans first came out they weren't NEARLY as exp as they are now..

Ok I suck at the links/posting photos thingy.. bear with me. I'm a virgin.

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