Friday, October 30, 2009

Dirty.. pretty crazy what they know about you.. me .. etc.. Type in your first and last name and the State and you'll see what i'm talking about.

Daily Heart On

All from here

I like them all, I can't buy any of them-but I can still look!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Daily Heart On

Rad sweater, jacket and poncho. Damn, Daria's body is amazing-must be nice to get rich just from being pretty -stolen from Fashion Gone Rogue more photos of her here NSFW

Pieter Hugo

"Pieter Hugo, who documented Nigerian men who stroll the streets of Lagos with hyenas and other wild animals. Nigerian newspapers usually claim that these men are bank robbers, bodyguards, drug dealers, and debt collectors.

He eventually traveled to Benin City in Nigeria, and met with the Gadawan Kura as they are known in Hausa (a rough translation: 'hyena handlers/guides'). After a while, he discovered that these people were essentially itinerant minstrels, performers who used the animals to entertain crowds and sell traditional medicines. They also hold permits from the Nigerian government to keep these animals.

Pieter writes this in his interesting background essay: "Europeans invariably only ask about the welfare of the animals but this question misses the point. Instead, perhaps, we could ask why these performers need to catch wild animals to make a living. Or why they are economically marginalized. Or why Nigeria, the world's sixth largest exporter of oil, is in such a state of disarray.." taken from here

HYENA'S! holy calamity! Look at those things-SO HUGE!

Wow... amazing. Photos by Pieter Hugo I just read about this photographer on this great blog I discovered this morning here

Sometimes I think that a person can take a great pic because they have great subjects to photograph. I also think that the true test is to take a great photo with a boring subject and make it interesting/beautiful. It seems so easy to take a pic of a war ravaged area or diff cultures and have people go wow. But fuck it. I guess whatever works for you. I'd jump on the chance to travel to a far off place to take photos. Sometimes I find it hard to photograph people tho-I get intimidated. Plus, I really can be shy.

All in all I do like this guys work-pretty great and interesting.

Boing Boing

it was in the 40's in Phoenix this morning-so nice that I can finally wear my winter clothes.

here's a video of some of my family in Northern Minnesota from the early 70's. My Dad is the one with the bell bottom jeans and white painted shirt (he has a hat on around the 2:07 mark). My Uncle is the super tall guy with no shirt on. I'm the lil blonde in Green. I remember always driving up to Hibbing or Duluth to visit my Dad's family and I hated getting all the damn wood ticks on me. When we were real young my Grandma's trailer had no bathroom. They only had an outhouse so if you had to go in the middle of the night it was safer to just go in a bucket she had HA! She let me name a baby cow once and I called it Pansy. After the flower of course.. now that I look back that prob wasn't a very good name to give an animal. OH yah, did I also mention the HORRIBLE Horse flies they had in MN? Those fuckers HURT!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vlad was Bad!

"Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (c. 1431 – December, 1476), more commonly known as the Impaler or Dracula, was a three-time voivode of Wallachia, ruling mainly from 1456 to 1462. Historically, Vlad is best known for his independent policy towards the Ottoman Empire, the expansionism of which he resisted and for the exceedingly cruel punishment he imposed.

His Romanian surname Dracula (also spelled "Draculea", "Drakulya"), which Vlad was referred to in several documents, means "Son of the dragon" and points to his father, Vlad Dracul, who received that moniker from his subjects because he had joined the Order of the Dragon. Dracul, derived from the Latin word Draco meant "dragon", though in modern Romanian it means "devil".

His post-mortem moniker of "Ţepeş" ("Impaler") originated in his killing opponents by impalement, a practice popularized by medieval Transylvanian pamphlets. In Turkish, he was known as "Kazıklı Voyvoda" (pronounced [kɑzɯkˈɫɯ]) which means "Impaler Prince"-From Wikipedia"Impalement was Dracula's favorite method of punishment. Not only was this method of punishment extremely painful, but Dracula seemed to derive sick pleasure from watching his people being tortured. In fact, wood cuttings from this time period indicate that Dracula often dined surrounded by the decaying bodies of the dead.

Impalement was initiated by by taking a oiled stake about as wide as a burly man's arm, and inserting it through the victims buttocks, often until it protruded from their mouths. The stake was purposefully kept dull to keep the victims from dying too soon from shock. The victims legs were tied to two horses while the stake was placed in position. Upon command the horses slowly pulled the victim's legs until the stake was impaled into the victims body. Mother's often had additional stakes driven through their chests with their children and infants impaled on the extended portion of the stake. After the stakes were in place, they were driven into the ground and placed around the outside perimeter of Vlad's castle. Bodies were left in these positions for months, the stench of rotting bodies permeating throughout the kingdom.

It was reported that the invading Turkish army turned back in horror when it encountered twenty thousand decaying corpses along the banks of the Danube river. Their leader proclaiming "how could we possibly fight a monster that could do such atrocities".

Massive impalement's such as the one the Turkish army stumbled upon, were by no means uncommon. 10,000 were impaled in the Transylvanian city of Sibiu. on St. Bartholomew's Day, Dracula had 30,000 merchants impaled in the city of Brasov.

Although impalement seemed to provide sick pleasure for Dracula, it was not the only method of punishment utilized. Reports indicate that tortures included nails in the head, cutting off of limbs, strangulation, burning, cutting off of noses and ears, mutilation of sexual organs, scalping, skinning, exposure to the elements or wild animals, and boiling alive. No one was immune from these horrors - men, woman, children, lords and ambassadors from foreign powers were all reported to have died at the hands of Dracula." from here pretty creepy huh? I was Netflix'd "Cities of the Underworld: Season 1" and they went into some underground places Vlad was and spoke all about it.

These Are The Ones..

I forgot to enter the one as my header-duh. argh! oh well.. One of these may not work he said so we'll see -I'm guessing it's one of the Watts pics bcuz they are kinda dark. The 1st and last photo (watts) were taken with my Leica D-Lux and the others were taken with my Minolta X-700 35mm. I have so many more at home. I wish I could afford to scan all my negatives in. I don't have a scanner :o(

Show Me Your.....

Photos.. well, not me.. these guys

Mellissippi posted this and I am going to make my first attempt at entering my photo's into a local show. We'll see what haps.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If I Must....

A guy at work told me I should start wearing bra's. He went on to point out that when I wear this certain outfit my nipple pokes out. I was like WOAH! I guess I never thought about it-you have all seen how big my boobs are right? (see photo) I have to wear a shirt with a boob iron on. So I hardly ever even wear one.If I had to choose and wanted to spend the money I'd choose some of the stuff above. Not really those funny tassle ones-those were just a joke,kinda. I could spend my money on bra's or I could save it and get a lil something, something like this Doesn't it kinda remind you of a machine gun? Rad.

All intimate wear from either-agent provocateur, anthropologie or urban outfitters. The 1st two photos are Miu Miu (i think?) and just a random google seach.

Crabby Crabcakes Man!

Item number: 350267708430
Somebody should buy these hot shoes that are on Ebay right now. They are a size 8.. They aren't mine tho.I have a pair that are very similar to these tho-reckon mine are a few inches higher.

I have a tooth problem. I have to go to the Dentist today. I HATE the dentist but I put it off so long that I will have to pay dearly now. I have a meth head tooth and I don't even do meth. What if they have to pull it out OH NO I don't want to walk around with no tooth. I'm crabby. I was wondering why my tooth would hurt when I would jump up and down or run, or why my face was hurting (insert joke here).


turns out my tooth is cracked and the cavity is pretty deep so they need to put a crown on it. they also may need to do a root canal UGH! If they do both that's $700 that I don't have.

I also called Vidal Sassoon about being a hair guinea pig-I'm going to bleach my hair again but ONLY if I can be one of their students hair models and get it done for free.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Yeah!

I keep waking up at 5 am UGH! I can't fall back asleep either. I don't get it. I decided to just get up and walk the dogs before work. The Landlord is here all week working on putting in a garage. I have a crush on him. He's prob in his late 50's? Tall, thin, no beer gut (that's my job) Too bad he's married. I could never be a homewrecker. Never have and never would.

Urban Exploration

I picked up this rad 1961 Globe from a thrift Saturday for $5 with my friend Allison who was visiting from LA. The house below is the lil house I was talking about that my friend said I can live in for dirt cheap.

I want this cart. I have a plan to turn it into a rad rolling couch. It just weighs 200lbs. Damn, I miss my truck.

This is what it looks like when you open the front door.The house was totally ransacked, dark-due to the fact that it's boarded up and super, super, super dusty/dirty. I prob got cancer from breathing in all that crap. I love old houses so much. I didn't get too artsy with the pics bcuz I could hardly see due to my crappy headlamp and so I just pointed and shot with the flash. I can't wait to get my ghost hunting camera film developed-I managed to get two at Big Lots ($4) WOO HOO!!

This is the bar area-tiny..

sorry about the cooked pic-this is going up the front stairs.

there was amazing woodwork upstairs

The backstairs. There ya go-nothing TOO exciting but still awesome. I can't believe somebody ransacked it like that tho. Losers.

Chi Chi going apeshit on my funny pig costume I picked up at the thriftstore Saturday morning.