Friday, August 29, 2008

Errol Flynn

As Robin Hood

If you haven't seen Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk or Robin Hood with Errol Flynn you really should go rent them ... he's so handsome and a great actor. I used to love watching old films when I was a kid..

Clothing Of The Future - Clothing in The Year 2000

HA HA Candy for cuties... oh boy. I love the glowing headpiece of the wedding dress from the future

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My TRUE home sweet home is.....

CHICAGO here I come!! I can't wait to eat at Al's cafe & creamery and a yummy hot dog at Portillo's. I can't wait to hit up all my old shops and to check out all the cute boys at Reckless Records, see my friends and family. It's going to be in the low 80's the whole time YAY! I used to take the train downtown to go to School at Columbia College. Union Station wasn't too far from the Sears Tower and i'd have to walk pretty far, but it was a great walk and I miss being amongst the hussle and bussle of a real city. I think one more year in AZ and then i'm off to explore a new place. I hear Asheville, NC is awesome and Jazmine has a guest house in Venice and MAYBE a new baby in a year so she'll def need my help with 3 lil ones running around. Jaz, you're one tuff mama and a good mama you are.

The Music Box is a super cool old movie theatre downtown and if you look up there are clouds and stars that flicker on the ceiling. It is so awesome.
R.I.P Lounge AX. I've seen so many shows there. Rodan's last show, June of 44, Thinking Fellers Union, IDA (somebody called in a bomb threat at this show and we had to evacuate), Karate, Seam, Tortoise, Rachels, The Mommyheads, Girls Against Boys, Trenchmouth.. gosh the list could go on for miles. The only problem I had with the Lounge Ax was the super thick cigarette smoke. I think I prob have lung cancer just from 2nd hand smoke at the Lounge Ax. John Dillinger was murdered across the street from here in front of the Biograph Theatre and they have/had the Lincoln Park street fest-I swear everytime I went we'd get rained out. I remember watchinig Shellac and it started downpouring so we hid under a table.

Daily Heart On

I love my new Stila lip and cheek stain in Cherry Crush. You can't even tell you put anything on your lips! No worrying about lipstick on your teeth and it is the perfect light shade of red.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome to our Home!

We got the house!!!!! Woah!!!! I'm still in shock! The photo above is our new view from the back of the house, actually, it's our BACKYARD!!! The photo below is our view from the front of the house.. AMAZING! I did have nightmares about scorpions last night tho.... yikes. I'm going to miss my apartment in some ways but i'm going to love being able to walk to the mountains. Just wait till our house warming party!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daily Heart On

The ones in the middle are Fiorentini + Baker and they are heavenly with a devilish price tag of $498 *gulp*

Want to talk to a human?

Do you ever have to call TMobile, Best Buy, Target, American Airlines, etc.. etc.. for a complaint or question but you don't want to talk to the robot that answers the phone? Go to and you'll see a list of all the codes to bypass these stupid recordings. YAY!

Monday, August 25, 2008

What a boob!

Dang this picture posting thing, sorry some of them are turned sideways but you can still get the point. I went thrifting Saturday and I found some good stuff. Some cool old books and some ol' 78 records that are worth a hunka change. OH! Let me also tell you that I walked around the whole thriftstore, God knows how long, with my right boob hanging out. There isn't much to hangout but BOY was that embarrassing. I was only wearing a loose tank top and carrying the old 78 records under my arm not realizing that it had taken my whole shirt down with it. I looked in the mirror later on and saw my boob and I pulled my shirt up so fast and turned around to see if anybody was looking HA HA HA! I did notice this same guy at all the thriftstores I went to, that was weird, I thought for a second he was trailing me thinking I was a hooker or worse a TWEEKER!

I love all the artwork in this Kids book Blueberries for Sal

The photo above and below are the back pages of the book

Check it out! I don't have 78 speed on my record player at home so these are going to most likely go on ebay bcuz I saw that the Johnny Cash one goes for $90+
I love the cover of this book on the old west. I know somebody who would love to do some art on this front page.. nerd.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


We found the dream house, filled out the application and are now awaiting to see if we get it. This place is AMAZING! It's on 1.01 acres and across the street from the Dreamy Draw/Squaw Peak mountain area. The house next door is insane! It's a huge mansion with tennis courts, pools and it's just BIG. The house is only 6 miles north from where I am currently living and right off of the freeway so it will work out great. My dogs will be in paradise! We will have to keep an eye out for scorpions, black widows, rattlesnakes, etc.... I guess the house was for sale for $750,000 but the market is slow so they are renting it for a year and then relisting it. It was built in 1949, 2 bed. 1.5 bath. Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes! We will call it DC Ranch.Walking up to the house.

The patio area

Front view of house from the street the CRAZY ass carpet. The guy said we can pull it up if we want.. We should def pull some of it up but i'd like to keep one room of the funny stuff. This room is ALL windows!

View out the front/side window

the laundry/guest shack

Friday, August 22, 2008

Daily Heart On

va-va-va-voom! Sweet Jesus these are awesome. I'm sure they'll prob be bid up super high. I'm deff going to (try to) pick me up a pair of Current/Elliott jeans when I am in Chicago tho.. the Nordstrom on Michigan Ave stocks them. CRAP! Or maybe I wont.. or maybe.. we'll see how much other temptations lure me in while there. I can't wait to go home again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beautiful Losers Preview

I have a feeling i'm going to have to drive REAL far to see this documentary

Beautiful Losers film trailer from beautifullosersfilm on Vimeo.

More random pics..

I always look so bored in my childhood pics..guess which one is me..I'm on my Uncle Bran's lap. That's my dad and older sister Cheryl on the right. My Uncle Brian is SO tall he has to lean down to go thru doors. My Dad grew up in Northern Minnesota and he went to the same high school as Bob Dylan. His family lived in the middle of nowhere, had to walk a mile to get the mail and cut wood all day so they weren't allowed to participate in any after school activities because my Grandma had 4 boys to raise alone in the woods and the boys had too much work to do at home.
My Dad has all kinds of crazy stories from his childhood. When he was younger they were throwing rocks at the chickens and thought they killed one of them so they had to hide the evidence before my grandma found out so he threw the chicken down the outhouse only to find out that the chicken was still alive, it was just unconscious when they first threw it in. My Grandma made them fish the chicken out of the outhouse.. YUCK!
Atilla and Ruby-Treat time!
I love how Ruby eats her treats. You'd think she spent a year in prison by the way she eats between her legs. She hasn't had any medical problems lately but she just wont put on any weight. I have been feeding them California Natural and it's not cheap $45 for a 36lb bag. She's just so hyper! Boxers are the greatest dogs ever tho.
Last night was a good night! I came home from work to find that American Airlines wrote me back regarding the airplane ticket that expired before I could use it and believe it or not, they sent me a $311 VOUCHER!! WOAH! I was so happy. I also did a month and a half worth of laundry and saw some lady pulling into her parking space but going way too far so she jumped the parking curb HA HA! I got a lot done last night and those are always the best nights.
Sorry about the comment approval now, I have a blog stalker leaving funny comments. Some people have more issues than I do (amazing huh?)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello Darlin...

I love this cover version of Conway Twitty's "hello darlin" done by Songs:Ohia... so good. I love his other band Magnolia Electric Co so goooood

More Jewels...

I dunno about the lockets anymore.. my hand isn't so steady and they look kinda weird??

I was semi-productive last night. Well, I did watch the DUMBEST movie called Cloverfield, but I also managed to make a few pieces of jewelry. I have so many beads and then they just sit there and gather dust. A friend of mine gave me all her stained glass making supplies and I STILL have yet to do anything with them either. My apartment is too small! Did I mention now I have 5 bicycles.. WTF! I'm going to sell the Roadmaster tho. I swear Craigslist has THE flakiest people in the world.

My Ebay and Etsy

I added two links to the upper right hand side of my blog for my Ebay and Etsy shops. If you like vintage clothes and shoes check my Ebay every now and then b-cuz i'm always clearning out the closests, or the thriftstores!

Right now I have these on Ebay