Thursday, December 27, 2012


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Smell the Tulips



 Dad's high school grad pic.
 G-ma Luella
 G-ma Luella
 Great Grandma Lucy-she lived in Grass Valley CA for a bit of time.
 Grandpa Bernie and Luella
 Luella on the right-dunno who the other two are
 G-ma's friend and my g-parents pet deer Rusty.

Pretty excited to FINALLY see photos of my grandma when she was young. My Dad recently went up to my Uncles property, which is where they all grew up in Hibbing, MN and brought back all these old photos. I have bag fulls now. I will slowly be organizing them into books.  My grandma was a tough lady, raised four boys in the middle of nowhere on her own.  The deer story goes like this - my grandpa was out hunting and killed a doe. Came home and Grandma said that the doe most likely had a fawn and said that it would die without it's mother and made my g-pa go out and find the fawn. They put a ribbon and a bell around it's neck and raised it.  Later on somebody shot it even tho it had the bow and bell. :o( His name was Rusty.