Thursday, April 30, 2009

Go-Fer It!'s a bicycle..not a motorbike.. but still cool..

how fun would a date/picnic be on an Indian Motorcycle with a Sidecar? UGH! I'd order one of these drinks while I'm at it..

Come on Todd, you know you want to give me your Go-Fer!

This would be a fun camping trip. Those old RV's are cool and all but they all seem to have this weird 70's smell to them. I hope I don't have that weird 70's smell since I was born in '72.

Ok her dress is AWESOME...

All the ads are from here I hope he doesn't sue me for using his images. They have SO many cool ones, super old Harley ads, old BSA, Yamaha, Beer, Beer Pigs.. etc etc..

Bessie Smith - Do Your Duty

love it!

If I call three times a day, baby,
Come and drive my blues away;
When you come be ready to play,
Do your duty!

If you want to have some luck,
Give your baby your last buck.
Don't come quackin' like a duck,
Do your duty!

I heard you say you didn't love me, baby,
Yesterday at Mrs Brown's,
I don't believe a word she said,
She's the loudest woman in town, oh babe!

When I need attention at home,
I'll just call you on the telephone;
Come yourself, don't send your friend Jones,
Do your duty!

If my radiator gets too hot,
Cool it of in a lotsa spot,
Give me all the service you've got
Do your duty!

If you don't know what it's all about,
Don't stand around my house and pout;
Do you catch your mama kippin' out?
Do your duty!

As you make your own bad heart,
That's the way o' life!
You bunk out, I'm sleepin' by myself,
You're too dumb to realise, oh babe!

I'm not tryin' to make you feel blue,
I'm not satisfied with the way that you do;
I've got to help you find somebody to
Do your duty!

Got Camel Toe?

HE HE This product called Cuchini will fix that. I know you all want them. You can get 'em here I saw this over at- you guessed it, He also has a better description. I love his site so much, so freaking funny.
I just discovered a band called Revival. Pretty darn good have a listen here

Daily Heart On

Item number: 250413762831
Cool vintage Zuni bird ring.

Item number: 350163644637
I love dead bugs. I still freak out when I see certain live ones tho.. they have to give me some time to warm up to them. It's bad enough I have to finish off the poor animals my cat half eats. The other day it was a lizard with punctures to his neck and he was missing his front legs. I didn't want the poor thing to suffer. UGH it's so hard to do. If I had to actually kill the animals I eat I'd be forced to be a vegetarian.

Item number: 370194009006
Item number: 220404539777
Bats are one of my favorite things.
Item number: 260401156327
Item number: 350195143546
I love plants and gardens. Esp weird/exotic plants.
Item number: 140317715638
and carnivorous plants
Item number: 370194026198
so cool-the plants collect water/moisture and then they secrete a delicious smell and the bugs fall prey. Item number: 220405831852

Item number: 150341276186
this plant resembles a bat.

Item number: 150341275806
Item number: 360151652463
reminds me of a sputnik!
or sigue sigue sputnik!

Item number: 130302407116 I think i've killed every jade plant i've ever bought.
Item number: 310138495556 such a cool plant hanger!
Item number: 120413459799

cute dress.. ya know, to wear while gardening.. ;oP

If you have extra time and like extra morbid dead stuff DEF take a look at This SO cool..She finds the coolest stuff.


Ok, WTH- I had a dream last night that I was pregnant and about to give birth and I was going to call the kid Golden-Goldie for short. First off I haven't even touched a boy in a loooong time (AZ is seriously lacking them) and 2nd off.. Golden? JEEZ.

The guy over at talks about In and Out Burger here and there and he's making me want to eat one. Problem is they are so good when you are eating them but the aftermath-YUCK.
Other than that nothing too exciting happening in my life. Learned a few lessons about "friendship" and "trust" - I'm glad tho, it keeps me on my toes and you learn from your mistakes-if you are willing. Believe it or not, I miss the midwest. Hopefully i'll be able to make it back home to Chicago for the 4th of July. I love Chicago in the summer.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daily Heart On

See this? If you would like the recipe for this deliciousness then go to this great blog Twig and Thistle. You will not believe how easy they are and what the mid section is made from. *Pic snagged from their blog also.

Biker Boys..

Item number: 330325983390 1 Day left.. no bids and $50 beginning bid $100 BIN
I found this over at this great blog called Rackk and Ruin

Gratefully Dead - Eric Burdon and the Animals


DIY Balmain Style Military Jacket

Who can afford this fancy $12,000 Balmain military style jacket? I can't and I would never spend that much on a piece of clothing. Shit, that is almost 80% of what I owe on my car and imagine all the cool trips you could take with 12 grand. So when I saw this cool old jacket at the thrift store I decided to transform it. It's not THAT similar but it will do. It will most likely be put on E-bay-someday.


I cut the bottoms off. I should have been a bit more professional while cutting. I didn't even mark it so it's not exactly perfect.

I folded the other half over so I could cut the other side the same...

Then I trimmed the lining so it doesn't hang out and I sewed the sides up to take it in a bit. I also sewed the sleeves up each side to tighten them up and trimmed off the excess fabric.

VOILA! The finished product. Not too shabby for an amateur.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Item number: 250413246014 SZ 9.5
Item number: 110380768732 SZ 7 and only $3.25 with 1 day left.
CHLOE Item number: 350119877374 SZ 37.5 and only $149 zero bids with one day left!
Item number: 350119877374 SZ 7-7.5

Item number: 310137603577 SZ 7

Item number: 370191420231 SZ 8
Item number: 120410197872 SZ 7
Item number: 150342040387 SZ 8.. and ony $26 buy it now
Item number: 170326288856 SZ 6.5
Item number: 260398364660 SZ 7.5
Item number: 250411908649 SZ 8. I have these in black and I love them!

Item number: 140317297969 the listing doesn't say if they are a SZ 5.5 in Mens or Womens
Item number: 300306431090 SZ 7
Are you proud? this proud? Item number: 170325961091 SZ 7

HA HA Item number: 350195245279 size 10.5 Mens
None of these shoes/photos or auctions are mine. I found them all on Ebay
On a different note.. today I answered my work phone and it wasn't even ringing?!!!I think I'm losing it HA.