Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Metals Edge

If you are in the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale area and you are into making jewelry you should check out Metals Edge, LLC in Scottsdale. I think I will take the soldering class and maybe forging for Jewelry.
Click here for the website

They have all kinds of cool classes such as-

Learn the basics of metal forging and make some really cool jewelry too! Projects include Twisted Transitions Torque, The Wave Bracelet and Forged Square Bangle Bracelet. All samples will be made in copper and you can choose either copper or silver for your projects. 4 weeks
$185 + materials fee of $150 for sterling silver or $50 for copper
Monday 6:30 - 9 pm
April 28 - May 19

Learn to use tradional fiber techniques for metal to create wonderful metal structures and jewelry. We will explore the techniques of coiling, single element twining and double element twining. Projects include a miniature basket, an ornament and a pair of earrings.
4 weeks $185 + $50 materials fee
Friday 9:30 - 12 pm
March 14 - April 4

Plain weave, plaiting and twill are the techniques we will explore in this class. We will use strips of sheet metal, wire and a combination of both to create jewelry and sculptural objects. Projects to choose from include wall panels, boxes, pendants earrings and many, many more...
4 weeks $185 + $50 materials fee
Monday 6:30 - 9 pm
March 24 - April 14
Friday 9:30 - 12 pm
April 11 - May 2

This class covers the basics of lost wax casting. Students will learn about working with wax, mold making and finishing cast pieces. Other low-tech methods of casting will be demonstrated, such as cuttlebone casting and tufa stone casting as time permits. Materials fee includes everything needed for casting except metal. Students are responsible for supplying the metal of their choice (not needed for the first class). 8 weeks.
$365 + $65 materials fee

Classes forming - Call to be placed on the wait list!

March 1 DRAGON'S SCALE -- $55.+ $35 materials fee March 22 CELTIC VISIONS -- $55 + $35 materials fee
March 29 FOX TAIL $55 + $35 materials fee
DATE: TBA TRIZANTINE $55+ $35 materials fee
DATE: TBA JAPANESE HEX $55. +$35 materials fee
DATE: TBA SNAKE CHAIN $55 + $35 materials fee
DATE: TBA COYOTE MAIL $55 +$35 materials fee

Round off your chain making education with these complex chains. First you will complete the Trizantine chain (Nov 29). Next is the intricate Japanese Hex chain (Dec 6). Third is the Snake chain (Dec 13) and lastly is the lovely Coyote MaILLENovember 29- December 20

Resin Power!: Techniques In Resin Inlay

This course will explore all things resin, an exciting and challenging technique for adding color to metal. Students will learn the fundamentals of working with various types of resin, from opaque to transparent and build art pieces that burst with juicy color. Resin can also be used to inlay found objects, photographs and in combination with precious metal clay designs. If you are searching for a great way to take your work to a brighter level, this course is for you. Previous jewelry experience is always helpful, beginners are welcome too! 4 weeks $185 + $65. materials fee
Saturday 10:00am-12:30pm
March 22- April 12new

Jewelry/Metals Workshops
In this workshop, we will explore the ins and outs of soldering. By using different methods – ie: pallion, sweat, pick, wire and butt soldering, we will begin to understand how to control and direct the flow of solder. We will also learn to attach earring posts and pin findings. Don’t miss this one!$115 + $15 materials fee
Saturday 9:30 – 3:30
May 17

Do you have projects that need to be finished, but you don’t have the equipment needed to finish them? Do you need some guidance on a particular technique that isn’t going well? Come on in and let the staff at "the Edge" help you out! For one low price, you can spend the day working on projects and have an instructor standing by to guide you in completing your projects. Metals and glass projects. This is not a class where new techniques are taught, but our instructors are here to help you. No materials provided. $30 per day
Friday 10:00 - 4:30
Apr 11
Saturday 10:00 - 4:30
Apr 26

Monday, April 28, 2008


This is what happens to a baby after a long day of shopping. That's Jameson. Saturday morning I woke up and hit my favorite thriftshop and then spent waaay too much money that I didn't really have to spend at Anthro and I finally found a pair of black skinny high waisted jeans at Urban. It's so hard to find nice black jeans, grrrr. Jcrew has the best cotton/linen henleys and the cutest lil tube dresses. I was good tho, I only bought a grey henley.

Saturday I took my dogs for a walk and was stopped by these guys in a car around the corner from my house. I was positive they were going to harass me, but it turns out the one guy is a photographer and he's doing a photo project on young people (lil does he know how old i am) He pulls out this LARGE view camera and asked me to stand in the alley with my dogs. I can't wait to see the pics when he emails them. I felt like it was a Sartorialist moment. He said when he's done taking all his photos he's going to exhibit them, rad!
Saturday night I went to Tempe to watch a kegball game that was being held for Colby's birthday . Beer wars and intoxicated people always makes for some fun. Later we hit up the Time Out Lounge.. oh geez, it's ever so hipster. Good times tho and I got to drive a prius. DAMN those cars are super nice.

Sunday was fairly uneventful. I did clean my entire house and found a metal thingy for my new acorn bird house to hang from in my garden. I'm still trying to go thru a ton of clothes. It's so hard to get rid of stuff, I wish I could be on one of those makeover your home shows. I fell asleep while watching Paper Moon. I do love the little girls outfits..so cute! I can relate to her when everybody thinks she's a lil boy. My Mom used to cut my hair into a pixie cut and I HATED it. People always thought I was a lil boy. It still irks me to this day.

1972 Was a good year..

Not only did it produce me, but it produced this rad 1972 Norton Commando. I saw this bike at a gas station Sunday. The guy was delivering it to one of the few mechanics who will work on old bikes in Wickenburg. The clutch went out on it and the new owner wasnt too pleased b-cuz he just purchased it. I love old bikes...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tin Can Fan

I am totally digging this Tin Can Paneling by Clare Graham that I found

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mr Eric Burdon, you SEXY beast..

*SIGH* i love Bring it on Home to me...

Daily Heart On

I am in LOVE with these cool Berber Sprocket Bracelets. I found them and this photo here

I would go broke if I ever went to Morocco. Look at all the awesome jewels!
A choker and a small amber pendant
Old, old amber beads

*SIGH* so beautiful

Free Online Yoga


maybe I should do this since i'll have so much time on my hands now.

Who am I going to go camping with now... My last few camping trips were so much fun. Well,except for our run in with No-See-Ums.That was like a scene out of a horror flick. We pulled over to eat a sandwich and let the dogs out and the next thing we know the dogs are all rolling around on the ground and there are these lil gnat like things flying all around us. My poor dogs had bite marks ALL over their lil tummy's. We hopped in my truck and drove off full speed ahead. NASTY lil buggers. The other funny camping mishap was when we drove all the way up to the camping destination and realized we forgot our cooler FULL of beer, food etc on my front porch. You'd swear we were stoners. Funny thing is we aren't.

Ooh la la

I like her hair.. I don't know if I could pull off the super short bangs tho..i'd prob look even more like a bird with my nose. Plus, i'm going to grow my hair till it hits the bottom of my ribcage. It's fun having long hair, you can do so much with it.


Yowza Janet.. what a find..

Bye Bye Birdie

I swear, you'd prob think I lived at the lake or river if you looked at my blog enough! I'm so tan it's ridiculous. Salt River.. it's so beautiful there

We stopped at the Ranch Market so Shelly could see how INSANE it is in there. They have so much meat there that it's kinda disgusting. They have strange things like a whole cow head, pig feet, cow tongue and pork sausage that they shaped in the form of a pigs head. YIKES.

Dinner at Tesoro. Cindy, Allison, Shelly and Me. I look so uptight in this pic.

The sign in the back entrance of the Bikini

End of the night

Since it was Cindy and her friend Shelly's last night in town we decided to have a blow out. I took a half day of work, packed up the dogs and headed to the lake. We went to Saguaro to check it out but there wasn't really any good places to just chill with the dogs so we hit the Salt River up instead. Later in the evening we had a delicious meal at Tesoro and hit up some local bars. Bikini first and then to Shady's to meet up with neighbor. The night ended with us all going back to my apartment and chilling. The finale was my stinking dog Ruby attacking my poor Atilla. Ruby has a problem with always wanting to dominate every other dog, even people at times. Half the night she was following Cindys dog Henry around and forcing him into corners. She goes thru her phases where she'll be fine and then the next she wants blood. It's really frustrating and stressful at times, esp when it's just me at home trying to pull these two dogs apart. It's even WORSE when Chi Chi starts in on it also. UGH, it sucks. While I was pulling Ruby off of Atilla I managed to break a glass that I was holding. That's two glasses out of a set of 4 from Anthropologie i've broken this week. Lame.

This weekend will be my first weekend alone in my apartment in two months. I hope I can keep my head busy and not think about certain things. If I could just go to bed ONE night without thinking i'd be SO happy.I want peaceful sleep where I don't wake up two hours before i am supposed to and where I don't have dreams. I'm probably the only person that doesn't like dreaming.

OH and the other day I got a collection notice in the mail. The notice said I owed $87.77 to Cingular. I called right away b-cuz I do not even have a Cingular acct. They went on to tell me that it was for an Ameritech acct from Illinois. The best part was what year it was from, get this... 1999.. WTF!!! I'm not paying it. 1999? HA

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cat Power on Jools Holland

Daily Heart On

Leica M7 *sigh* If I had an extra $4,000 laying around you'd be MINE, MINE, MINE! I'd have to sell my 3 bicycles, my Lanvin score from Last Chance, all my other cameras, my Chloe and MJ shoe collection, all my vintage dresses and shoes, my dogs and my left leg for this.. hmm.. nah, I love my dogs too much.

Lou Doillon

"I never comb my hair or make anything pretty. When people look too beautiful, it's too easy. I know I'm dressed wrong if the businessman turns his head. But I like to think that after an hour of sitting next to me on the train, he'd look. I'd have grown on him." - Lou Doillon, to the Sunday New York Times. I snagged this quote from www.fashionista.com

She's rad

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cindy Sundays

Ruby Cowgirl.
On the way to Lake Pleasant

See all the green slime?

The dogs had a good day
Cindy and Mone at the Yucca

My newest Cindy Sunday partner is leaving Thursday. My house will be empty again and i'll be back to having 3 crazy mutts instead of 4. I'll have to find a new Cindy Sunday partner. Saturday we went to the Yucca for the Maricopa Country Prison Band record release party. Dana was spinning some records in between sets and a few other folks showed up.
Sunday we headed back up to Lake Pleasant with the dogs and a cooler full of beer, chips and dip. It started out a bit rough but ended up being a really good time. We decided to try to take the backroads to the lake.. that wasn't such a good idea, so we turned around and just paid the damn fee and set up camp at an area we had yet to visit. It was green and mossy and more of a fishing spot than a swimming spot. The dogs knocked over my beer and ran over the sleeping bag getting that, and the french onion dip full of dirt.. grrrr.... All in all it turned out good and we passed out on the sleeping bag with all the dogs and baked our bodies.

A Small Get Together..


Meg and Chi Chi.. Chi Chi was trying to drink her beer!
Cindy, Meg, Me and Janet. These are some of the BEST girls in AZ
pics of my dirty/clean humble abode. I have so many clothes that I have 4 under bed bins hiding under there
and two dressers and a pole full of MORE clothes.. oh LORD what's wrong with me!

Ben's shoes, me and Atilla..
Cindy A rearranged the living room and small kitchen nook area to help open up my tiny one bedroom apt for guests. It wasn't a big blow out, just chill with good company.

If you could see my apt up close you'd see that the walls are covered in dust. The landlords wont put any rock or landscaping in the yard to help deter the dust. it's HORRIBLE.
My green bathroom. I found the sea horses at an estate sale.. I love sea horses, I think it's cute how they stay with their loves forever.

This room is usually filled with 3 bikes. I tend to have more than one of everything. 3 dogs, 3 bikes, 3 best friends..
So Friday night Janet, Meg, Wez, Ben D, Neighbor, Dana, Cindy and I hungout and drank beers and chit chatted. It was a good time...Ruby was humping Wez and Chi Chi was trying to mooch beer and Atilla was trying to Smoke. What is wrong with my animals? I KNOW they aren't learning this stuff from me.. or ARE they? You will never know. Ben made a good point about texting. He says he hates texting (i'm starting to hate my drunk texts-i have to delete certain numbers from my phone to prevent me from sending MORE drunk texts HA) Ben says that when somebody texts him he'll just text back a word that makes no sense at all, thus forcing people to just call him instead of texting him. I may try this sometime, I have realized how texting and emailing has turned us all into a bunch of social pussies. It's the easy way out.. we get dumped thru email, blown off thru texts. I've even turned into a bigger pussy because of it. We take the easy way out instead of talking face to face or even calling. I always felt that I was bothering people if I called them so I'd just send a text and if they responded then I wouldn't feel so bad. I need to cut back on my texting also. We'll see if I can do it.