Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Ebay-Vintage Dresses, Shoes

Above is a link to my E-Bay items. I post things occasionally. Mostly vintage dresses and shoes. Items are usually from second hand shops, a local raghouse and some are out of my own closet. The raghouse is awesome except you have to spend $300 + each time you go. You also have to dig thru stinky bins and bins of clothes. It's the wildest place ever, imagine Willy Wonka but with clothes. Here's a quick peak at some stuff I have listed

Venice ECO Beach Cottages

This weekend i'll be in LA and i'll also be delivering this cool bird sculpture that I recently sold on E-bay. I'm so happy that they are going to an awesome home.

They are going here- The duo behind this project are Cynthia Foster & her husband Karel Samsom. I can't wait to see them! Here are a few links that will tell you more about them

I snagged the pics from the apartment therapy website. I'll hopefully be able to get my own this weekend and post them when I get back from hanging with my best friends in Venice.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Renaissance gal!

Ms Sarah Wood- &

I'm amazed at this young lady. She's just 21 years old and an accomplished banjo player, learning the fiddle, horse owning, yarn spinning genius! If i was to be reincarnated I wouldn't mind coming back as her. I don't know her personally but she seems so driven and talented and has a good head on her shoulders. She even has a business plan and wants to start a farm with alll kinds of animals.

HOW come I can't be one of those people that know what they want and go for it? I feel so lost and jealous/envious of people like this. I go to bed every night and wonder what my true calling is and if I will ever find it. Why can't I wake up and pick up my fiddle and actually TEACH it to myself like Matt did with his banjo? Perhaps it's not my calling. Maybe I give up too soon and don't challenge myself. I wonder how other people figure out what it was that got them out of bed each morning with drive and passion. I get too deep in my head and get drunk with thoughts but never puke it out and get anything accomplished. MAN O MAN!!

Check out her music.

Nerd Glasses-Oliver Peoples

I have finally found a perfect pair of nerdy eyeglasses. Oliver Peoples-Tycoon Frames. Well, they aren't cooler than the pair I got in New York City from an old Russian man but they will do.

Last time I was in Los Angeles visiting my best friend Jazmine and her beautiful babies I splurged. I had to make payments for a few months but NOW they are mine, mine, mine! OH and the real treat-Phoebe Price was right out front of the shop on Sunset HA HA. I didn't believe it at first but Jazmine said it was her. Jazmine knows her celebs (j.k)

France appreciates small breasted girls. YAY!

Lou Doillon is on the cover of French Playboy!!! She's got great style and comes from a cool family. Her father is director Jacques Doillon and her mother is actress Jane Birkin. Her sister is Charlotte Gainsburg.. talk about a cool family!? Lou has started designing for an old French denim company called Lee Cooper. Here is an aritcle that Nylon magazine did with her

High Wasted (yes, I know I spelled it wrong)

I've been having a problem lately with destroying my vintage clothes when out and about. I think the alcohol turns me into a clothing murderer. I'm sure to get 30 to life in prison once they find me. Within the last 3 months i've managed to destroy 3 pieces of clothing that are waaaaaaaaaaaay older than I am (I'm PRETTY old) At the X-mas party i'd throw my arms up in the air when i'd dance and i'd rip the pit out, then the side of the dress, then the other pit, then almost the WHOLE thing. This dress was a real beaut... from the early 1900's. I'll try to post pics when I get some. I scored it at an estate sale and my eyes lit up-esp at the $14 price tag. Then a few weeks ago we were out riding bikes and my vintage Levi's decided to show my ass to the world. Few days ago, my 1960 green hip huggers decided to show my crotch to the world. WTF!!!!! The main reason I feel horrible about ruining my vintage clothes is that they have been good and healthy up until they meet me. Maybe this has something to say about my lifestyle.. perhaps a change is due.

Some good replacements for high waisted jeans are...

Judi Rosen -Cigarette Jeans in BLACK! So HOT! ($205) I can't seem to get a good pic to post so here's the link

There are a TON on ebay...

check out ACNE these Tube Lena ones are pretty hot but $300!!!
18th Amendement makes a pretty nice pair also -18th Amendment Colbert High Waist Flare Jean

Grey Ant Braid Jeans are SUPER hot also $330.. yowzers! how come jeans nowadays are so expensive. I bet when high waisted jeans first came out they weren't NEARLY as exp as they are now..

Ok I suck at the links/posting photos thingy.. bear with me. I'm a virgin.

silver eyes shall fill the desert sky..

I'm absoultely in LOVE with this girls eyes and style- Sohiny Das....a great fashion Stylist and Critic from India. I've nabbed the photo from the Sartorialist. His India shots are the best so far.. I so want to go to India and take photos. I can't wait to get some silver liner and try this look out.

from here

the great great Polly Wales ladies and gentlemen..

She is my favorite jewelry designer these days. Check out her website for a full list of shops that stock her items.