Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It Was The Calm Before the Storm

Because it wasn't calm at all. This is a Church not too far away from our house. I used one of those silly fancy phone app's and this is what I came up with. Spooky. The Church of Christ and The Church of Satan connected again. Or maybe it just looks like a spaceship or bird house.


I think she's just shaking up a bottle of champagne.

The Edge

“The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”
Hunter S. Thompson

Dali for Playboy

The Erotic World of Salvador Dali
Playboy, 1973

And here are a few of Dali himself.

Saguaro Harvest

"The Saguaro produces a fruit at the top of the cactus that is harvested in the spring by the Tohono O’odham. This Native American group traditionally harvests the saguaro fruit when it is ripe, typically starting in late June, for the Nawait I'i (Rain Ceremony) that occurs during the monsoon season. The Tohono O’odham make saguaro wine, jams, and jellies out of the fruit and have a rain feast in honor of the coming monsoon. Rain and water are very important for the Tohono O’odham because of the arid region in which they live." via here I do love Saguaro's they are so neat and every single one is unique in it's own way.


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Favorite-For Rowan X0

via here. I posted another photo of this a few posts back. So rad. Says the bike was Clyde Moody's

Stolen Generation

I remember seeing this movie years ago and it was pretty good. I never knew about the "Stolen Generation".

Here's a bit more info from wikipedia:

"The Stolen Generations (also Stolen children) is a term used to describe those children of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who were removed from their families by the Australian Federal and State government agencies and church missions, under acts of their respective parliaments. The removals occurred in the period between approximately 1869 and 1969 although in some places children were still being taken in the 1970s.

The extent of the removal of children, and the reasoning behind their removal, are contested. Documentary evidence, such as newspaper articles and reports to parliamentary committees, suggest a range of rationales. Motivations evident include child protection, beliefs that given their catastrophic population decline after white contact that black people would "die out",a fear of miscegenation by full blooded aboriginal people and a desire to attain white racial purity. Terms such as "stolen" were used in the context of taking children from their families – the Hon P. McGarry, a member of the Parliament of New South Wales, objected to the Aborigines Protection Amending Act 1915 which then enabled the Aborigines' Protection Board to remove Aboriginal children from their parents without having to establish that they were in any way neglected or mistreated; McGarry described the policy as "steal[ing] the child away from its parents". In 1924, in the Adelaide Sun an article stated "The word 'stole' may sound a bit far-fetched but by the time we have told the story of the heart-broken Aboriginal mother we are sure the word will not be considered out of place.""

You can read more about it here

There's a pic of part of the actual Rabbit Proof Fence at the top. The fences took six years to build. When completed in 1907, the Rabbit-Proof Fence (including all three fences) stretched 2,021 miles (3,253 km).

It seems every Country has some kind of horrid past. It's odd how people are always trying to rule over others. I reckon it's human nature. Been going on for ages and ages and ages.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mae West

" I like a man who's good, but not too good - for the good die young, and I hate a dead one." Mae West
I love this great.


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Name This Young Man...

I can't really give you any hints that wouldn't be too obvious.. "According to a family member, she (his mother) once sold her son for a pitcher of beer to a childless waitress, from whom his uncle retrieved him some days later" and he was first referred to as "No Name Madoxx"


I'm not a huge cartoon movie fan but this one looks pretty good.. Johnny Depp helps-but wish it was more than his voice...

There was 3..


I think when I'm older I might be one of those crazy old ladies that lives in a trailer with a lot of dogs-but not TOO many-i'm not THAT crazy...yet.

P.S.-It's not mine. It's just sleeping in my lap while his pappy works the press in the back. Chicharito is his name, the dog that is.


here Love this so much.
I Love LOVE Turquoise.. so much..


pretty neat..esp if they ARE functioning.

Kate 2007

From FashionGoneRogue- I don't like how she's making the same face in all the pics tho-perhaps that's how she felt being with that boyfriend of hers in the pic at the time tho.

Like on a Bike.

Bob Marley Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

sooo great and so sexy. mmmmm

Just saw this here this is the house I grew up in Bartlett, IL-I lived there from 4th grade until I moved to AZ 13 years ago.Weird to see how much it changes from owner to owner.

New Words To Live By

A guy in the back brought his lil puppy to work. I love puppies and puppy breath more than anything in the world. I get this automatic love feeling for them. I don't even get that feeling with real babies, I don't even want to hold real babies-now puppies-I want to pick them all up. I think I am part canine. That might explain a few things *wink*

Pretty Lil Things...

Camille Solyagua - Three Seahorses (1998)

Girls Girls Girls..

I want this one..

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