Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here scorpy, scorpy!

The big kahuna of a Scorp outside our front door. He now resides in a jar-DEAD -thanks Dana and Ryan for keeping us safe.

Hand Stands

Things we did in Tucson while drinking WAY too much. I'm on the left and Janet's on the right-GO JANET! You RULE! Janet takes awesome pics

My Ruby..Still Shining Bright!

My poor lil Ruby has a bladder infection! I guess it's better than the other possiblity that she had kidney disease. This poor dog has been thru so much, she's a real trooper tho! Since we have moved into the new pad the dogs have been a bit stressed and aggressive due to the change. I'm stressed out thinking about them getting bit by scorpions (we've seen about 12 so far outside) We killed them all when we found them, I even burned one. JR told me that in Mexico they said if you burn them till they are all smokey they will never come back.. HA, wishful thinking.... stupid folklore!

It's so nice to be walking distance from a trail head. We met the neighbor south of us and I met another neighbor while I was walking to the trail Saturday morning. They have all been super nice so far, so that's good. The house North of us is pretty rad and they own this company -that explains the amazing house and I can only imagine how neat the inside must be. I bet they'd have an awesome garage sale IF they ever had one. I prefer antiques tho...but some modern furniture is neat-o
so far the new house is awesome, I just wish I could SLEEP... Come one, come all we'll have a dinner party as soon as we settle in 100%. We've both done very well when it comes to getting rid of excess crap.

blabber, blabber. I'm a dork! One more week till Cat Power YIPPEEEEE! Thanks Shannon ;o)

Boy Envy...

The above pic is taken from here and the bottom photo of the same boy taken from here I love when boys dress like this.. short pants with boots... so cute

Friday, September 26, 2008

What's wrong with me?

want, want, want...I keep thinking about these lil cars. I love having a truck and all but the gas bill is $60+ a week and road trips cost SO much more. I used to have a Mini Cooper and loved it until the clutch and trans went at 53,000 miles or something ridiculous costing $4,000 + to fix, then more probs hap'd after we had it fixed so I traded it for my Nissan Frontier and then I had probs with that also...lifters went bad, air conditioning failed, it still makes bad noises when I start it and i'm getting fed up. I do think a BRAND NEW Honda is going to be the way to go. It will last forever and this little one gets 27/33 mpg. I'd def get the stick and the cheaper model. I like how the seats can be folded down flat so my dogs don't ruin it and I can shove big thriftstore finds in it also. We'll see.. we'll see... i'd sure like a car that I could take on roadtrips and not spend as much as an airline ticket would cost doing it......Mone has my 4-runner still and I doubt he'll have it fixed anytime before December-so i'll still have a truck to go camping and off roading etc. I should say no to more car payments tho huh? UGH! decisions.. decisions..

Catherine Holstein-WOW!

I'm not a super duper high fashion follower, but I do enjoy looking thru the pics online while bored at work. I don't own a ton of fancy designer clothes and if I do I got them on sale or at Last Chance for more than 50% off. I do love Marni, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, YSL... now I have a new fav to add to the list Catherine Holstein. I can't believe she's so young, 22 or 23? I love it.

Love the stripes and layers of this outfit above

I ESP love the one above...
And this one up above...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shoe Scores!

Found these comfy clogs at the thriftstore last weekend and the boots below will be going on

e-bay soon.. they are vintage Wild Pair in a size 8. Bummed they aren't 8 1/2!!!

Lanvin Resort 2008 Blue Platforms scored from Last Chance..under $80. I may put these on e-bay and then I can buy the pair of Munoz Vrandecic shoes I want so bad but they are 600 EURO ;o( That's more than I make in two weeks of work BUT they emailed me back and said they have samples sometimes that are cheaper... I'm not sure if these Lanvin platforms are fugly or awesome? Patent Metallic Blue Size 39

wait, maybe I should buy a new mattress or pay off some dept, or take a class.... UGH MONEY -blah.

Love Chie Mihara shoes!!! I'm so happy I found these at Last Chance also and they were only $39.99 ;o)

Dinner Party?

I found this recipe from Alicia Paulson who has a blog called http://www.rosylittlethings.typepad.com/
it sounds SO SO YUMMY and just might be something i'll make for our first dinner party at the new house. It's going to be so weird living in a house that is big enough to entertain. I'm used to my tiny 1 bedroom apartment that I shared with my 3 dogs and cat and all the crazy bugs the cat would bring in like HUGE roaches YUCK!
Go here for the full size recipe.

Daily Heart On

Temperley Dress- *sigh* It's ONLY $3,400 HA!

Halston Boots-$1,995... damn

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Daily Heart On

I have this weird thing where I like to put a handful of corn nuts and a vanilla snackwell cookie in my mouth and chew them together. It's something salty and something sweet at the same time. I also like to put a bit of everything on my plate at Thanksgiving and cram it in my mouth and eat it all at once, like a smorgasbord in my mouth.

Underground Bowling Alley in Phoenix!

Ania told me the other day that she heard there was an abandoned underground bowling alley in Phoenix. We looked it up online and this is what we found. It was called the Gold Spot Bowling Alley and it's located at Central and Pierce Street downtown. I guess there are some glass blocks and if you look down you can see some remnants. AWESOME!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pack Rat Packing.

Packing.. oh boy! I have nearly all my stuff in boxes. I packed half ass, I wrapped most of my fragile items in bath towels and bed sheets. I believe I have 5 crates of records, 2 big boxes of shoes, 4 under bed bins FULL of clothes and that's not counting the 2 big boxes I have full of clothes now and the extra pole of clothes and two dressers STILL full, ugh. I reckon i'll be going thru and getting rid of more stuff when I unpack it. It's so weird to pack up after being in one place for so long. It's a bit scary in some ways and awesome in others. Now lets hope that our little house on the top of the hill in the desert mountain preserve will take good care of us!

It will be so nice, no more holes in Ruby's feet and broken teeth in her mouth from fighting thru the chainlink fence with the neighbors pitbulls, no more strangers knocking on my door at 7 am asking for kleenex, no more dirty walls and dust covered everything from the super fine dirt backyard! Ok, so i'll prob have to deal with a few scorpions here and there, roadrunners, coyotes havalinas, who knows what else,but I do think it will be way better in the long run and healthier. SO now we have a year to spend on the $700,000 property in the house that is going to be bulldozed in a year after we move out to make a new modern house ;o(

There were some good visitors here and there, this little Hispanic boy Daniel would ride his big wheel over and knock on my door and want to help me water my plants and play with my chihuahua. Then I had this boxer dog who lived down the street and he was in love with my Ruby, he'd scale his owners fence at 3 am, run 2 blocks to my house and scratch on my front door till he woke me up. I should have kept Duke. The jerk owners didn't take good care of him and he eventually got out of his yard and was nearly mauled to death by these 4 neighborhood dogs that were being starved to death by the asshole owners. I will DEF miss the Tranny Hookers around the corner.............

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daily Heart On

Munoz Vrandecic!!! Holy crap I just found my new dream shoe/Purse designer!
You can find this purse here but it's $399! so rad tho!