Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Church.

After you are done doing THIS maybe you can do this (above) I remember when I was a kid my Dad (an award winning deer hunter at the time) would speed up whenever he saw a deer on the road to try and run it over-it scared the shit out of me! I used to hate venison but then I grew to like it and the one good thing that comes out of it is I get to snag some of the old deer horns and skulls he keeps in the garage/storage.


Is it just me or is this pic funny? via here I always think it's funny when a guy's junk is hanging out their pants.


Via the Sartorialist so great! I used to wear those Karate shoes in high school.

Hand Job.

This hand here on Ebay is pretty neat..


I can't tell you how much I love those mustard dresses above and all the thigh highs.

Don't Label Me.

Unless of course it's with this vintage label maker. I always wanted a label maker as a kid.. If I had to choose between the boring normal one and this one, I'd def take this one! here

I'll Be There, Will You Be There?


Monday, August 30, 2010



My Ruby.

It down poured Saturday.. here's another photo from the walk with the dogs. Ruby LOVES water/puddles

This Way.

"I'm On A Boat"

We went to Bartlett Lake yesterday to celebrate my friend Ania's husband's Bday. My roommates parents have a pontoon boat that we were able to take out so that made it even better. We only had one mishap- the boat wouldn't start again after we stopped at the lil convenient store on shore and then it started to DOWNPOUR on us. Thankfully the engine started up again and we were able to make it back to the dock.

Ryan and Ania. Ania's due to have a baby in 5 Weeks!

Me and Sonia

I have had this vintage bathing suit for a few years and have never worn it. I now know why-it's not very good to swim in.

Don't fret, it's just a big ol' hot dog.

Tom was having fun on the tube until his shorts fell off because he forgot to tie them. Pretty funny.

Birds and Clouds.

The birds are hard to see in some of these, but they are there. Lurking.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spill The Wine...

Oh man.. I totally fell asleep in my bed of NEW white sheets with a glass of wine in my hand while watching boring documentaries on Netflix on a Saturday night.. This is what happens when you do that. SHIT! It's all over me as well.. Here's THE PERFECT song for this moment by one of my all time favorite guys..

Oh and I was awoken from a nap by this crazy storm that rolled into La Phoenica. This is looking out our back door.. amazing. We took the dogs for a looooong walk and admired the beauty of a wet desert and the tiny waterfalls and water filled washes behind our house. Here's a perfect song for that by one of my other favorite bands. P.S. you must click on the pic above to see all of it's amazingness. P.S.S. I don't think I will ever own another camera that isn't Leica-It amazes me how sharp the photos are. P.S.S.S. The photo above isn't altered in any way,shape or form.

Friday, August 27, 2010

If Girls Could Get Boners.

Portable houses.. (Thanks Fredddddddy)

McQueen boot-so rad.
Jeffrey Campbell (I think)
Sasha AND her bad ass bomber (Burberry?)
Being in Love-someday......someday
Pretty in Pink
Hand tattoos and boys with lots of tattoos.
Furry Sleeves.
pretty lil bikeNeil Young-rules.
These boots make me crazy-so rad! more shoe porn here
This song below (click to listen) is so great...Ok I guess you'll have to just scroll down once you click the link to listen to the song "Favorite One" It's really good.
favorite one by Revival