Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm always going to be poor

If I keep this up..but, but.. they were extra 40% off the sale price! I have so many clothes that I never wear. I am slowly making a pile of stuff to put on E-bay. It's just so hard to get motivation to list stuff , it's a pain in the arse.

On a Tuesday-CLOSED!!!

All Bikes in Rye was closed when we got there, that's ok tho-that means I have to go back ;o) I was still able to get a few pics.

the one above is a rad one huh?

Riding the Bull

Riding the pig...

Riding the Cock!

This one place in Payson had so many cool things. This guy had these 3 little dogs and one of the dogs played with rocks. You'd throw the rock for him and he'd push it all around the parking lot with his nose SO CUTE!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored

Yes please....someday. Sick of all the jerks... so sick.

We had snow much fun!

My friend Ryan and I decided to head north for the day. We hit the Prescott Brewery, some thriftstores, Jerome, Watson Lake. Debating if I should go back to the thriftstore and buy the big cowskin rug.

Some people are off their rocker. This van was making it's rounds around the downtown area.

Sorry for the millions of pic's from the lake. Watson lake is one of THE coolest lakes I have ever been to. Check out the snow covered mountains in the back.

open your eyes.. open your your eyes....

the lake totally reminds me of The Neverending Story...

Ruby was walking on water (ice)


then we headed up to the snow

I can't remember if Ruby has ever seen snow before.. but ChiChi has DEF never seen snow

they loved it

this is Ruby telling Atilla to get her ass moving.

We were stuck in traffic for over an hour on the way there AND the way home... grrrrr.. Tomorrow we are off to the motorcycle graveyard/bicycle dream come true.. i've loaded my old camera with film and am hoping to get some good shots.