Thursday, July 28, 2011

I leave you with this...

Snagged this pic off of Matteo who is part of the HARLEY DAVIDSON Enthusiast Abruzzo group in Italia.  I'm headed to L.A. for the weekend. I will be busy having loads of FUN! CIAO CIAO!

Good Head.

I like.

Shell Grotto.

"The grotto was discovered in 1835 by James Newlove, who broke through into its roof while digging a duck-pond. It was illuminated by gas lamps and opened to the public in 1837, and has remained in private ownership ever since.
The age of the structure is uncertain and attempts to use radiocarbon dating to determine the age of the site have failed. Carbon deposits from Victorian lamps which were used to illuminate the grotto in the 1800s have entered the shells. Trying to analyse the mortar proved equally futile, it has so far defied analysis and all that scientists can ascertain is that the glue attaching the shells to the walls is "fish-based".
The Victorian gas lighting has blackened the fragile surface of the once-colourful shells, which are also under attack from water penetration. It is now illuminated by electricity. During World War II the east wall of the so-called altar chamber was destroyed by a bomb."... via wikipedia.. Holy COW is that neat. I wish I could discover something like this. I'd want to keep it a secret tho-secret FSK Society.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Man, I'm running out of good old girls and bike pics. If anybody ever wants to submit anything you can at   I like the good stuff, you know. Send anything you want -even nudes of you *wink*  har har...

Oh believe me, my Mama tried....

Typical Terry

Noooo, look at the silver shoes! Bad ASS!!!
Maybe it's hard for you to see the shoes with all the tits.

I love the last outfit and the 2nd to last.  Mr Richardson's photo's always seem to look the same tho-every damn shoot.

Eniko, Magdalena, Edita, Anais, Sabrina, Dree, & Jacquelyn by Terry Richardson for Purple S/S 2011


 Hot pants..
 Saw these babies on ebay.. I want them!


My old apt. I used to have a ton of awesome vintage dresses that I needed two dressers and 4 under bed bins.  I've sold 75% of it these last 2 years.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

High Five!

I finally figured out a good place for my small collection of stickers-On my laptop shell.
I think I need more tho SEND HELP ASAP! ;oP

Lachrymatory Bottles.

"Tear bottles were fairly common in Roman times, around the time of Christ, when mourners filled small glass bottles or cups with tears and placed them in burial tombs as symbols of respect. Sometimes women were even paid to cry into these vessels, as they walked along the mourning procession. Those crying the loudest and producing the most tears received the most compensation, or so the legend goes. The more anguish and tears produced, the more important and valued the deceased person was perceived to be.

Tear bottles reappeared during the Victorian period of the 19th century, when those mourning the loss of loved ones would collect their tears in bottles with special stoppers that allowed the tears to evaporate. When the tears had evaporated, the mourning period would end.

In some American Civil War stories, women were said to have cried into tear bottles and saved them until their husbands returned from battle. Their collected tears would show the men how much they were adored and missed."  Info via Here