Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good Times.

 I finally met Gen and he gave me my tank! SO AMAZING!!!!! Gen of Love Ear Art is the coolest guy ever. You should have him paint you something he's one of the best.

 Super talented JD.

 This really is how we rolled in and when we rolled out I had my beautiful tank in tow. I was so nervous that I'd drop it on the way back to the campsite. Cassandra won the Iron Butt award on the El Diablo Run.

Sara, don't let Lee forget to give you your gift. I didn't intend for it to be so just happened.

I actually didn't take very many pics at all. I was so overwhelmed. I didn't see a few people I hoped to see as well. Here's the rest of the Pics from the show/camping

Thursday, June 23, 2011

by Gil Inoue

F WORD!Her hair and that dress are sooo gooooood. 
Speaking of good. Check out what $199,000 can get you in PHX desert living. Thanks MalWHOREy…xox

All the Creeps are going.. are you?

I'm headed out after work tomorrow by myself. Hopefully I can leave work early, like 1:30ish so I can arrive around 7:30 if everything goes as planned. I might have to take some adderall to keep me awake while driving bcuz if I want to get off work early I need to get up at 5am-ouch-See you goons soon!!!!

Once upon a time there was a Little Wolf....

 A wolf and her Honda.
As I was saying,  there once was a little wolf that lived in the fiery desert... then she headed to the Great Northwest and took her life to a whole new level of hotness.  She's SO pretty AND talented check out her artwork/website here

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Just experimenting with Bleach and cut off shorts...

"We're getting older.
But we're acting younger.
We should be smarter.
It seems we're getting dumber.
I have a picture
of you and me in Brooklyn.
On a porch, it was raining.
Hey, I remember that day.
And I miss you."

Here are a few snapshots from my old mini polaroid  camera. Jets to Brazil above (minus Blake -I was always too shy to ask him due to my huge crush on him)These guys were super rad tho. I was able to see them play in Portland, Chicago and Phoenix
 This was from the Trans Am show at Bostons waaay back in the day in Tempe.

FSK by TWT Motorcycle Parts

Mike-you RULE, so rad! Thank you so much. Check out all his awesome work here
I'm so lucky to have met such talented, giving people.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This is Still My Favorite.

I wish I could find more like it online but I can't seem to find any. This would be a good FSK sticker but the quality of the photo's no bueno as well...