Friday, January 29, 2010

More Honey? Honey?

Hot damn, that ALIVE one is SO delicious. If you ever go to Whole Foods pick one up and try it.. naturally flavored with honey.


Abbey Lee Vs Moto Guzzi


Milla Jovovich Pics by Carter Smith via FashionGoneRogue blog.

The outfits are all so, so pretty!

Daily Heart On

1) Ebay 2) Love the band of turquoise (Forgot where I found this pic tho,sorry)

3) Ebay (I love the font) 4) Valentino

5) Stolen from Insurgency Inc 6) Anthropologie-awesome $$$

7) 1930's cuff links is what the Ebay listing said. Pretty neat.

Friday Fact.

Well, 1st off my friend Meg is taking me to Tucson Saturday to see the Prairie Home Companion!!! Rad.

Ok now for the fact:

What is the "Ring of Fire"?

"There are about 600 active volcanoes on the face of the Earth. About half of them range along a belt of active volcanoes from the southern tip of South America north to Alaska, then west to Asia, and south through Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia and New Zealand. This is the "Ring of Fire", marking the boundary where the plates that cradle the Pacific Ocean meet those plates that hold the continents surround the ocean." from Don't Know Much About Geography.

Or.. you can say it's about LOVE.

"Although "Ring of Fire" sounds somewhat ominous, the term refers to falling in love - which is what June Carter was experiencing with Johnny Cash at the time. Some sources claim that June had seen the phrase, "Love is like a burning ring of fire," underlined in one of her uncle A. P. Carter's Elizabethan books of poetry. She worked with Kilgore on writing a song inspired by this phrase as she had seen her uncle do in the past. In the 2005 film, Walk the Line June is depicted as writing the song while agonizing over her feelings for Cash despite his drug addiction and alcoholism as she was driving home one evening. She had written: "There is no way to be in that kind of hell, no way to extinguish a flame that burns, burns, burns"." Wikipedia

Thursday, January 28, 2010



This blog has really cool gif's...




I hate when you bid on stuff and you lose or forget to bid again!

I didn't bid on these two (above) but they are pretty funny.. C.A.-you need the canoe one!

Daily Heart On

Morena the Cat that showed up under my old apartment. I made the mistake of feeding her and so now she's mine. I brought her with to the new place a year ago and I'm glad she hasn't brought any scorpions into the house. She is usually in the D-wing of the house bcuz now my Ruby terrorizes the poor thing. This is due to the fact of having a bad influence in the house while Moscow Cindy was visiting a few years ago (HENRY!!!) I just love this pic..

Chloe above and below... *sigh*

speaking of yummy.. if you want to make a super easy, delicious cake here ya go!
Black Russian Cake
Yellow cake mix
1/2 Cup Sugar
1Cup Oil 4 eggs
1/4 Cup Kahlua
1/4 Cup Vodka
3/4 Cup Water
1-6 oz Instant Chocolate Pudding

Beat all ingredients. Grease & flour Bundt pan.
Bake 350 degrees - 45-50 Minutes

Top with powdered sugar.


Who would have ever guessed Amber looked so good with Turquoise! I made a few gifts for a friend back home. I will hopefully be sending them out today.

Feeling 85% today, which is good. Only had one glass of wine last night instead of 3/4 of the bottle. Not good to do when sick. Another rainy day in the desert...........

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. "Anais Nin

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Anais Nin

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier 2010 Couture

Woah.. some of these are pretty wacky but totally cool-love the braids and metal adornments. Pics from Fashionologie

Daily Heart On

MMMMMM boys.. I can't even imagine working backstage at a fashion show with all these hot men undressing in front of me. Then again, maybe I'd become immune to them after seeing so many. I get my cute boy fix at the biker events. Seems to be one of the few places that hot men exist in this State-when they come from other states HA.

All these pics were snagged from the LOVE magazine blog. They had a crap load of hot male model pics.

If I could be around these hot guys now I'd prob be feeling a lot better healthwise. This damn cold is killing me. I wish this cold would dump me as quickly as boys do. I'd def rather blow something else than my nose. HAR HAR JUST KIDDING... or am I?


Givenchy 2010 Couture... WOW..

A Homecoming ...

My best friends new addition to her family will be coming from West Africa-Ghana. Soon she will go to sign some papers/finalize and then she'll have to fly back again to pick her up and bring her home. I may be the lucky girl that gets to go with to help her out. How amazing would that be? Africa with one of my best friends to pick up her new baby!!! RAD. Fingers crossed.Congrats to you J and BK!