Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Gold Sharks Glittering"

Dig it baby. Saw this guy live, you'd never believe this voice comes out of his body. Such a unique strong voice.

saw Jeff Buckley play at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago not too long before he died... I love this song

"Yard of Blonde Girls" is a song written by sisters Audrey Clark and Lori Kramer of the 360s and the Paper Squares, who were performing together in the late nineties as Pendulum Floors. Inger Lorre contributed additional lyrics on the second verse and Jeff Buckley recorded a demo version with her in 1996. The song is a tribute to Lori's childhood friend, who committed suicide in 1993.-wikipedia

I should be packing my shit for my trip, not literally.


Have a Happy New BEER!

Hope you all have a Happy New Year and that it's def a better one than last year!!! Joshua Tree and LA here we come for the weekend... OH and I will leave you all with some quotes from my Dad yesterday -

"Why don't you marry a swinger?" "Marry a rich man like your one friend did..she's set for life" "go to church to find a man" The best one "The Aids virus is killed by Saliva"

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Madonna Inn -San Luis Obispo

Today I fell in love.. with you Madonna Inn. I love this kinda stuff. I need to stay here someday-esp in the Blue Room!!! *siiiigggggghhhh* and to top it off here's a whole website dedicated to "weird and unusual hotels" here I want to own a weird hotel!

Love 1 Year Anniversary

I'm going to go...are you? It's close to our house. If anybody needs a place to crash-we have a crash pad-no landing strip tho.. sorry.

Ebay Finds...



Ooops forgot to get a link for this one.






Pic above-the Waylon sign in our backyard from our party, pic on the right-Simona McIntyre by Saad Al-Hakkak -click on it-the barbie hair-no pun intended.

Daily Heart On

My friend Rich added more pics to his website. His photography is a big inspiration to me.. check more out Here
Rich-stay home this weekend so we can stay with you NERD!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

L.A. for New Years?

Maybe there's somebody out there that will let us stay with them a few days this weekend in Los Angeles? 2 maybe 3 of us girls are thinking of getting out of this hell hole for a few days and if anybody knows cheap hotels in the area or has a place we can crash that'd be cool. We just want to go on photo missions and to a few ice cream socials, perhaps some dollar stores as well. ;oP

Ok, i'm going to get myself a caramel sundae with whip cream, hold the nuts.

Ebay.. SOON.

If I can get as much as This person did for the same shirt on Ebay that'd be fantastic bcuz it would cover the vet bill for Atilla-btw, they are treating her for Valley Fever even tho the tests came back negative they said it sure looks like VF and that sometimes you have to test them 3 times or more for it to show up. Let's hope it works. P.S.- I DID not pay that much for the shirt-Last Chance Find!

Anna Sui Skirt

Ok.. hopefully these will be up on my ebay by tomorrow. Thriftbunny72 is my sellersname.