Friday, August 21, 2009

Sorry Kids

I will be going away for a few weeks. Tomorrow I leave to meet up with my best friend and family in Tulum, Mexico and then we head to Mexico City for a few days to visit with Jazmine's Mother. Sunday we are going here . The place we are staying at sounds awesome I haven't had a real vacation since I went to Australia back in the early 90's, 2 weeks is the longest I have ever been away from my dogs as well. I sure hope they remember me when I get back. Did I mention that this is all free for me? I'm nannying for Jazmine so she can do yoga when she wants to and we are all there because her hubby is doing his Yoga Teacher Training- I even get paid to go-Thank you Jaz and BK!!!!!

The air was fixed last night, THANK goodness. We bought a $50 bottle of Stop Leak-didn't work, used a $4 tube of Epoxy to fill the hole in the coil-worked. Mone is a life saver, so nice to have friends that can fix things. Hope you all have a good two weeks! I'm still debating if I should lug my laptop with me or not. I will be sure to take lots of pictures. ciao! or, shall I say Adios!
p.s. I have a 3 hour layover in Houston, TX on the 5th.. man, what am I going to do at the Houston airport for 3 hours?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Young Charlatans - Shivers



My cinderella old western shirt. It's too big for me but I can't sell it. The back is even better..

I posted these before but I'll post again. I took these with my old Kodaflex, shit-I think that's what it's called. It's 1,000 degrees in my house and sweat is dripping down my legs. Damn the desert, what was I thinking!! I uploaded some new pics to my


Snagged from here

Daily Heart On

Holy shit, I totally forgot about my Daily Heart On as well. I guess i've become celebate. I also forgot about Shoesday-man, it must be a mixture of the freon that's leaking from our air conditioner, toxic dog farts, and propane from the tank outside our house-i'm slowly losing my mind. All of the awesome stuff above is from ACNE here


Day 5 with no air.. humor is needed right about now and this made me laugh. I need a pair of these babies. I stole the video from 1 more day till Mexico tho.............fek yeh!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shoesday on a Wednesday.

# 290341291045 SZ 38.5
# 200373662701 SZ 8 holy fucking hottness.. I'm going to watch these babies.
# 120396208087 they don't say a size tho.. I'm guessing they are tiny
# 330353529339 SZ 9.5
# 130324881653 SZ 7.5- so HOT!
# 250484756117 SZ 6.5-7
# 390083217344 SZ 7
# 270444535402 SZ 6
# 150366009614 SZ 8.. ends in an hour tho. I like how they used water bottles.
** All shoes from Ebay, they are not mine. Current listings. The air is still not working at the house. I tried sleeping in my car last night with all the dogs but it was almost just as hot as it was inside so at 3 am I woke up and went back in, sprayed the sheets with water and managed to sleep the rest of the night thru. Ya know, I can manage to wear my sky high platforms but when it comes to flats, short, short wedges I always seem to twist my ankle-what gives?!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ok, everything is up and the listings start at 7pm AZ time. You can find the items here Thanks!!!

Random Awesomeness

Super duper dream couch set via Go-Kat-Go. I WANT THIS SO BAD. This is my 1,000th post. Woah, if I saved a dollar for each time I posted i'd be RICH! I will gladly accept any $1,000 donations. Come one, Come All.

Snapped the glow light display at First Fridays in Phoenix.

cute hair from Bumble and Bumble. I don't remember where this tank dress is from. Old Navy had some cute bikini's on sale for $8.99 but the ones I like I couldn't find a top to match.. grrr.

Hot Damn!

301 N Gilbert Rd.

Our air is still on the fritz so we headed to Gilbert to buy some Freon to inhale-jk. We got 30lbs for $100 and we are hoping that will fix the prob. Mone's supposed to come by today with the gauges to fill it up. It was SO hot in the house last night that when I put some ice cream in a pint glass to make a root beer float the GLASS CRACKED-HA HA! It's so hot our thermostat says OL-i'm guessing that means overload? The last time it worked it said 95 degrees and that was at midnight. Oh man, I woke up wet plenty of times and it wasn't from having wet dreams. I wish. OH, the reason for this post was to tell you all that you HAVE to go to Joe's Real BBQ in Gilbert if you are ever in the area. By far THE best bbq I've had and the Root Beer is the BEST I have ever had in my entire 27 years (typo-37).

Monday, August 17, 2009

I've grown up.

Not really, I just closed my myspace acct. I like Facebook better and I don't need all those accts. I can do more productive things like THIS ;o) If you are on there you should add me here

Thriftscores! Ebay

It's bring your 3 dogs to work day bcuz your air conditioner at home broke and it's 95 degrees inside the house EVEN at night. We're hoping it's just the freon-my friend Mone's supposed to come back over if he has some available, otherwise we'll have to pay somebody. Hopefully it's not the compressor, if that's the case we are screwed. I guess we could just buy window units. Anywaysssss... the weekend was ok. Friday I stayed in and recovered from Thursday. Saturday I hit up an estate sale (sucked) and a giant yardsale at the Celebrity Theatre (sucked). Went to a few thriftstores and scored all this stuff there for $40! I'm still debating if I should sell the chandelier. I really have no use for it since I'm a renter and I could use the extra money. Most of the stuff below will be going on Ebay. Saturday night we had MC/DC. We tried to make pizza but the crust recipe I got for Pizzeria Bianco crust didn't rise? It was SO gross!! I fell asleep at the bar while listening to a super loud band that I wasn't too into and then we got busted by the cops for drinking and hanging out at the abandoned house on the hill. They just told us to leave-Thank GOD! HA. Ya know it seems as if I can never get ahead either, I get some extra cash and then the air goes out-never fails.. it's just disappointing.

I'm keeping these 3 for now. The vintage Levi's denim shirt is awesome.

Some of the stuff i've had -but all from the same thriftstore. I need to clean the closets out so some of that is above as well. I will keep you updated as to when they are listed-remember, i'm a slacker! In the mean time you can check out Emily's stuff here and here