Monday, May 31, 2010

If you were smart you'd give it back to me!

From my Grandpa's stuff..

She's Crafty

My growing collection of turquoise. I made the bracelet and ring that are nearest to the front, the ring isn't turquoise tho-oops-I need to find the one I made with turquoise.

I got this coyote tail in Quarzite and I turned it into a keychain or something by adding the leather and key ring.

Giving the TX Boys Some Love

Thanks Mike for the Cheap Thrills stickers and pins!!

5'O Clock Crack Giveaway

Chappelle's Show
Tyrone Biggums Crack Intervention
Buy Chappelle's Show DVDsBlack ComedyTrue Hollywood Story

Chi Chi Burger

When I bought this cheeseburger toy for Chi Chi in Santa Monica she walked around the whole promenade with it in her mouth. It was pretty damn funny. She is now sleeping next to me with her head on it like a pillow.. awwwww..


This jacket is super cool... I'd give you the info but then i'd have to kill you.

Sex Panther..

"Quite honestly, if you don’t get lucky wearing Sex Panther we can only assume you’ve got a face like a bucket of smashed crabs. Or something like that. Women will be reduced to slobbering heaps of desire once they get a whiff, so don’t even try wearing it if you’re not manly. A moustache helps too. "
buy yours here I know a few of you boys could DEF use this..


Pata Pata

I like the Los Rockin Devils one the best..
Thanks Horsepussy for your great musical tastes/influences
"The bird pins were made of scrap lumber that was found in the camps as well as wire that was used to cover barrack windows. The artists used images of birds found in old copies of National Geographic magazines as their models. The beautiful pins seem to belie the circumstances under which they were created and exemplify the definition of gaman: enduring the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity." Birds made in Japanese Internment Camps

Remedios Varo

She was a pretty cool artist..I have a small painting of hers that a friend of a friend gave me in Mexico City years ago.
"Remedios Varo Uranga (December 16 1908 - October 8, 1963) was a Spanish-Mexican, para-surrealist painter. She was born María de los Remedios Varo Uranga in Anglès, Girona, Spain in 1908. During the Spanish Civil War she fled to Paris where she was greatly influenced by the surrealist movement. She met her husband, the French surrealist poet Benjamin Péret, in Barcelona. She was forced into exile from Paris during the Nazi occupation of France and moved to Mexico City at the end of 1941. She initially considered Mexico a temporary haven, but would remain in Latin America for the rest of her life. She had an early abortion due to the economic realities of her life. Due to the abortion, she could not become pregnant again.

In Mexico, she met native artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Her strongest ties were to other exiles and expatriates, notably the English painter Leonora Carrington and her great love, the French pilot and adventurer, Jean Nicolle. Her last major relationship was with Walter Gruen, an Austrian who had endured concentration camps before escaping Europe. Gruen believed fiercely in Varo, and he gave her the support that allowed her to fully concentrate on her painting." Wikipedia

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Black or White

Do you like the black background I used to have or this white one? I just can't decide..

I Like 'Em THIS Big

stolen from B.B. It's actually me saying no to a shot with a bullet in it. Imagine saying NO!

Girls - Bikes

via here

Vanilla Shake.

Pic from All Things Ordinary

Spread the Butter.


"One Piece at a Time and it Didn't Cost Me a Dime"

Industrie Magazine #1
I've always wanted one that was long and black as well Johnny!!!

I Prefer a '62 Over '69

Ok, I'm ready to sell my Honda now and buy this '62 Falcon.. I love you lil red bird! I will drive you like you've never been driven before.


Play from 1939 Charlie Burse and his Memphis Mudcats.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Look Closely

Is there a tit in this pic or is it just me? It's not mine ... Funny thing is we share the same name and have been best friends since the 8th grade. Thanks Cindy for being so freaking awesome!xoxo OH and not only do we get along great, our dogs do as well.. Ruby doesn't get along with many dogs..but watch this..

For Your Viewing Pleasure


We lost a legend....sucha great actor.

Friday, May 28, 2010


via the Smithsonian

Party on Top

now if I only had $256,000 and somebody would let me park this beast out front of their house or in their yard i'd be set! Only thing is I would be running shit over left and right-how the hell does anybody drive something SO big!! I don't know where I'm going to live at the end of the year. We have to move out by January... decisions, decisions.. anybody have a guest house for me?

Week End.

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