Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Item number: 380112388242 Sz 39.5..but.. $$$$$$
Item number: 370180136815 Sz 8.. my fav Munoz Vrandecic!

HOT DAMN! Item number: 220383029782 Sz 7

Item number: 170315067460 Sz 9
Ok, Ok, I know this isn't a pair of shoes..but check out this crazy Nieman Marcus Vintage Fringe Shirt! Item number: 140310007586
Item number: 260386020694 Sz 7.5 Item number: 250396108323 Sz 8.5. so darn cute. I want these.

Item number: 110371299427 Sz 8.. here's these babies again. These sellers in Denmark must have a warehouse full bcuz I see them on here every now and then.
Item number: 200326034561 says they measure 9"s toe to heel. Pretty crazy HUH?
Item number: 370179679281 Sz 8
Item number: 280327044942 Size 7
Item number: 140311187855 Sz 7
Item number: 270365720096 Size 7

Item number: 160324492621 Sz 7
These are all just shoes I found for sale on Ebay or elsewhere. None of these photos are mine.

Daily Heart On

These amazing paintings are by Suzanne Falk. I love them so, so much!More info here

Jesus' Son (1999) trailer

Love this movie, Love the soundtrack, Love Billy Crudup and LOVE the scene where she's dancing to Sweet Pea by Tommy Roe.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Daily Heart On

MateVana tea from Teavana. Smells so yummy also.

"Health Benefits of MatéVana® Herbal TeaMate teas are a cardiovascular aid, hunger suppressant, and mental and physical stimulant. Mate contains several different Xanthines, besides caffeine, which when blended create a different kind of energy, which will not cause jitters. Also includes some Rooibos tea, which is high in vitamins and minerals and contains antioxidants."
*Pic stolen from their website


Item number: 110367808068 EBAY
Damn you! I lost.. I tried to auctionsnipe them at $50.55 but they went for $80 something. *sigh*
I had a great weekend tho! Friday I met up with my friend Ryan and we went to our fav thriftstore then Saturday I took the dogs hiking, went to try to sell jeans at the Blue Jean Buyer but the guy wasn't there. I also hap'd to run into my pal Ryan there. I kidnapped him, in his car, and we went to the Salvation Army . Then I dragged him kicking and screaming (not really, he wanted to check out the hot mall ladies) to Fashion Square so I could buy my LUSH shampoo bar and look at Anthropologie. I stopped at the Biltmore on the way home and had MAC do my eyes and purchased some lipstick, ate some MOJO Yogurt Ice Cream and chatted with my friend at SAKS.
Saturday night I went to my friend Chris' house with my friends Meg,Wez and Chi Chi. He had some biker/car folks over. I attempted to ride the tiny trail motorbike he had and within the first 5 seconds I fell over. Did I mention I had high heeled boots on and had been drinking since 6 pm (I wasn't wasted tho so don't get all agro) . It's ok I wasn't going fast and the bike is tiny. I got stuck in a sand pile and just fell on my side, laid there in front of all the other people and laughed, got back on and finished. TA DAH!
Sunday I woke up with a migraine, puked (from the migraine), got up and popped some aspirin and headed out to some more thriftstores with Sonia and Dallas. We met up with Sonia's Mama at some antique stores on Cave Creek (Cheap Thrills) and then headed to lunch at Harvey's Wine Burger. It was my first time there and I think the burger was pretty decent. Sunday night I went to Maurizios where they had an Italian themed dinner party. I like weekends like this.

Blowing 35mm.

This is what happens when you develop a roll of film in a camera you haven't used in 2 years. I had extra exposures to use so I just shot randoms. Nothing too exciting. I like the one below tho. STOP MEN or MEN STOP. I wish there was a Man Stop here in the AZ.

gosh Allison, remember this? This is how old that roll is!

Dino in Disguise I love these wacked out succulents.

My Atilla. I know I spell Atilla wrong. I like it better this way.

I traded a T-Shirt I painted for that skull puppet at a Grateful Dead show years and years ago. I don't even like the GD! Jazmine and I used to go to sell stuff in the parking lot, it was fun.

Mi Patio

I got this lil bank for a dollar at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

The wind storm blew off a section of the shingles and the organ pipe was banging against the roof all night.

My bunny eating, large mouse killing, cockroach catching Cat. Her name was Morena, it's now Killer.