Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paz De La Huerta

What the hell kinda pants are those? I guess they'd keep you warm on a cold ride (I'm pretty sure they are CHANEL-more pics of them here)

see all the pics here Originally from PURPLE Magazine


This was taken at the LOVE Cycles show last year wait, NO this year, by my friend Christian .That SX-70 broke on me and those jeans are now on ebay bcuz they are so tight that they hurt and once I had to go home from the bar bcuz they hurt too bad. I'm not fat, I just got a bagel belly (as my friend Harold calls it) from drinking too much wine alone at home. Total Wino. I'm cutting back tho.. now i'm really into Cannoli's -damn Italian desserts. STO CAZZO! Oh yah, speaking of that Polaroid here are some pics that I took with it from that day here


I bet this guy wears Stash can buy your own bottle of vintage Stash here HA HA!

My Brother.

His super cool cars that use a lot of gas and make you smell like gas, not to mention the Fairlane gets SOOO hot but that's prob ok now that he moved out of the desert-He moved back to a suburb of Chicago a few years ago and is now a train conductor on the commuter train.
That's my Mom, Brother Shane and my little nephew Justin downtown Chicago this past summer. I really need to make it back home for a visit. I miss the City.

Baaaaa Baaaaaad Ass

here I have a similar one and I love it. Now if only I could wear it more than one week a year!
here it's a lil boys tho...

T and A

I really like the top photo. I don't know anything about it tho- is it old? new? There needs to be more pics along those lines..but maybe they can mix it up a bit and have the girl turned backwards with the jacket on and the man turned frontside with his pecker showing for us ladies... it's always naked girls, never naked guys. I mean, I know women are nicer to look at but I like to see a pecker every now and then as well!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Night Porter

A modern take on a classic movie scene..

Charlotte Rampling singing topless to the SS Guards...more pics of the modern take here

Rick Owens Lillies

Today I'm wearing my Rick Owens dress that I scored earlier in the year at Last Chance for $9!!! The original tag that was still attached said $490 (WTH!)... I love Last Chance.

Made in the U.S.A.

"So, how and why are Maglites still made in the U.S.?

Automation, bringing more and more production in-house, and having good patent attorneys is part of it. But it all comes down to the stubborn determination of one man — Anthony "Tony" Maglica, the company's founder.

"I will not go out of the country if my life depends on it," Maglica says. "There's no reason for it really."

Maglica is 79 years old and still comes to work every day, often before dawn. He walks the 700,000-square-foot factory floor, checking in on every detail of production.

"It's like a city," he says

Maglica was born into the Great Depression in New York. But he spent his formative years living in Croatia surviving hunger and worse as World War II tore through Europe. When he returned to America and set out to start his own company, he says, he had just $125. He has built a multimillion-dollar business, with more than 700 employees and customers all over the world." more of the story here on NPR

I found my maglite under a car in downtown Phoenix. I now use it to search for rattlesnakes when I walk out my patio door at night.. it's usually stationed right by my front door.


here Someday I will own a Squash Blossom.

Found on Ebay here


From here There's a ton more, I just posted the ones I liked the best.

Foxy Girls.

Pics via here

Leather and Lace.


As Borat would say "I Like"

Metal Heart.

Losing the star without a sky
Losing the reasons why
You're losing the calling that you've been faking
And i'm not kidding

It's damned if you don't and it's damned if you do
Be true 'cause they'll lock you up in a sad sad zoo
Oh hidy hidy hidy what cha tryin to prove
By hidy hidy hiding you're not worth a thing

Sew your fortunes on a string
And hold them up to light
Blue smoke will take
A very violent flight
And you will be changed
And everything
And you will be in a very sad sad zoo.

I once was lost but now i'm found was blind
But now I see you
How selfish of you to believe in the meaning of all the bad dreaming

Metal heart you're not hiding
Metal heart you're not worth a thing

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hold On!

Via here

Danny Lyon.

Cool sunglasses for sure! Pics via here


"See this helmet? this is my helmet, in fact let me rephrase that, this used to be my helmet. Our friend Paulo of Joe King Speedshop made me this beauty and then bought it with him to NYC from Brazil, what a splendid fellow, it really is a thing of beuaty, a true one off design. Anyway, it went 'missing' in Brooklyn, someone 'borrowed' it, I would like it back. If you happen to see someone wearing it do me a favour and punch them right in the eye please." via DICE Magazine. If you have any info or have it contact Dean or Matt at DICE
Because you know if you are seen wearing this and you stole it that something very bad may happen to you by the Karma Gods- like a bird will fly into your face or your bike will suddenly self combust or you will have a skinny girl with glasses jump on your back and bite your ear off.

Miracle Worker.

If you are like me and have dogs and the dogs like to go for car rides and then the dog hair gets stuck deep down into the fabric and you can't ever seem to get it out no matter how hard you try.. well, THIS thing is a miracle worker. I'm not getting paid by them to plug this item either. My friend Yoli's lil brother is a car detailer and I asked him how he gets the dog hair out and he said a rubber brush. They had an extra and so they sent me one and it is so awesome. Just thought I'd share.

Frye Sarah OTK.

Hellz Yeah! I'm glad the Frye boots I got in exchange for a return at the store were just sitting in my closet and hadn't been worn yet. I'm taking them back and exchanging them for these hot ass Frye boots instead. I didn't really feel completely satisfied with the ones I had swapped out in the first place because they had NO heel at all. These are perfect, the heel's not too high, not super flat.