Thursday, May 22, 2008

Masaru Goto

WOW! Masaru Goto is an awesome storytelling photographer. Go to his website here You will not regret it. I snagged all the photos below from his website.. I hope he doesn't mind.

The above photo is AMAZING! I feel as if i'm in that boat right now, it makes my stomach turn.

I love the photo above with the ghost like figure...

Silly White Boy, You Can't Dance! - Watch more free videos

right about the 40 second mark it gets prett darn funny...

Drive Thru....

Saw this at the drive thru this morning..I'm lucky I am even alive after my dog Atilla nearly gassed me out last night. UGH! I woke up in the middle of the night and it smelled like gASShell. I had to get up and spray air freshner, light incense, open the window. Shit, I prob still smell like dog farts.. ICK! I had to give Atilla some gas-b-gone pills before I left for work. I felt bad kicking her out of my room but whats a girl to do?

Gunne Sax-Black Label

Ha! I have this Gunne Sax dress. I scored it at Buffalo Exchange in Phoenix a few years ago for $8. I just found the same one on ebay. It's so cute with lil red birds -starting bid $ it now $200 (yipes!) Item number: 160240797496

Item number: 190222831563... I'd have to get some implants for this one....

this one's not black label but it's a super cute 20's style Gunne Sax.. Item number: 230254003782
This is RAD! I'm going to keep my eye on this top.. oooh la la.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


"Ori-(to fold) kaso-(plastic): the art of folding plastic.
Applied to tableware this results in a heat resistant, watertight mug, bowl or plate which is constructed from a completely flat piece of polypropylene. Weighing only a few grams and less than a millimetre thick, Orikaso is far easier to transport and store than 'traditional' tableware in any situation where weight and space are an issue. Due to the unique properties of polypropylene, Orikaso products can be used time and time again without suffering any kind of structural fatigue or weakening.
So whether for picnics in the park or tea on top of a mountain Orikaso is the ideal solution for those who want to eat and drink in the great outdoors.
Orikaso products also make an ideal marketing tool, whether as a mail-shot, giveaway or event souvenir. All products can be fully customised with corporate branding, logos or adverts."

These would be great for camping! I hate lugging stuff around. I copied the above text from and on the


Lordy, Lordy! These are the coolest sleeping bags ever!! I wonder if they zip up the crotch area in case you have to go to the bathroom? Ya know, kinda like the onesies do with snaps? I found them on

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kazu =Mayle=Cute!

This Blonde Redhead Lass always looks adorable. I'd totally sport this cute dress-if I could afford it. Mayle is pretty pricey. ;o( Found this pic here. I found the below pic done by the one and only Miss Kime Buzzelli here rad...

Daily Heart On

you can find these crazy 70s wood platforms on ebay Item number: 320253927731

The Avett Brothers on NPR

check it out here They are a pretty cool bluegrass band from North Carolina.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My Favorites

Isn't she the CUTEST baby girl EVER? This is one of my best friends babies. Her name is Umani
I bought Mateo this outfit when he was just a baby.There is a rad vintage shop on the way up to Topanga Canyon where they used to live.I would make Jazmine stop everytime I'd come to visit.
me and jaz waaaaaaay back in the day. I can't wait to see them and there new awesome house in Venice, CA in two weeks. Jaz and I have been best friends since we were 15... dazaaaaaam!

random goodies and the shady dell

ok this pic has nothing to do with this post but i love our robot costumes. i made the one on the far left. on the way to bisbee, AZ. if you have NOT been to southern AZ you need to go!

the pic below is of Ben Todd's equipment at the, crap, i forget the name of the bar at the moment but it's in Bisbee, AZ and he's known as The Lonesome Shack. Look him up! He's the BEST!!!

a bird on a cat on a dog.

we caught these kids posting this funny poster about some girl they did not like. it was very funny
love this old car wash sign in Douglas , AZ
Ok, so the Shady Dell consists of a bunch of different trailers from the 50's, a boat and an old bus that you can rent out for the night. They are all decorated in old 50's style. Our trailer even had an old record player and TV that actually worked. It was so rad.
We stayed in this trialer.. My Mini turned out to be a hunk of junk. I do miss her tho....

Women and Children. Today to Die.

I like.. reminds me of Nico.

For You...

If you are a size 8 you can go to and look up Item number: 110252616995 they are only at $11.99 with a little over 3 days left.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daily Heart On

Love these Marni heels...
Cute romper by
Scored the above Dolon top from Anthro last night for $50. It was reg $218. Why can't I just say NO? $78 cute dress!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've died and gone to heaven...

Ok is this NOT the coolest bracelet EVER? It's a Zuni inlay and i'm sure I wont be able to bid high enough to win it.

These turquoise ones are from a seller named sheilahare and she had THE MOST beautiful items EVER! The square bracelet is $671 (yikes) and the Zuni Ceremonial Petitpoint one is $371 and 4 3/4 TALL!! Maybe once I list all those boots on ebay I will have enough money. Wait, i'm supposed to be saving my money. UGH! As this crazy Roman guy I met in Italy would say "Fuck, im FUCKED" ***Update- DANG IT.. the seller just HAD to go and tempt/tease me reminding me that Paypal offers financing.. imagine how cool the HUGE Zuni one would look on my way too small wrist. Knowing me i'd get drunk, fall over at a bar and ruin it. Man, NY, NY or bracelet.. I could prob sell something else to help cover it..... *sigh* I wish I had someone here to tell me NO NO NO.