Thursday, January 26, 2012

70's & 80's

 Dad and Crazy Uncle Brian. I might have posted the ones above before? Taken in Northern Minnesota -Hibbing area to be exact. We used to go every year to see my Grandma. She lived in the middle of nowhere. A mile to the closest neighbors. There were so many woodticks and horse flies -HORRIBLE bugs.
 Dad and Dwight and my Dad's crazy paint job truck. He always paints his cars super crazy.
 My lil bro BJ and Shane closed to the deer and Paul in the jean jacket. I have no clue who that other kid in the back is. That's my Dad's old '51 Merc in the back.

New Nerd.

My new nerd glasses came! The good thing about working for a big corporate company like I do (Airlines) is good insurance- I get one free pair of glasses a year and super duper cheap health insurance-not to mention free flights. That's how I am able to afford going so many places. I just wish they'd pay more.  
Anyways, these glasses are the ones I wrote about a month or so ago from Warby Parker . I'd say the customer service was really good and they were cheap $95 including everything and they even upgraded me to the thinner lenses for free (I'm a -5.25 in both eyes=BLIND!) I guess you pay for what you get tho-they are super light and flimsy compared to my Oliver Peoples Tycoon Frames. The Oliver Peoples frames are super high quality and heavy. It appears they don't make the Tycoon frame any longer or that they changed the name to Albert-j on their website.  Ok off to pack, headed to LA tomorrow woop woop!!
I've always had that crooked smirk

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Jewels.

 and a vintage Lee denim/chambray shirt.

here in my shop.
Also, you shouldn't be getting the malware warning any longer when you come to my site. It's FIXED!! :o)

Good Head.

 Good head of hair with braids. Love it.

Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø

Good news. We changed the rectifier on the bike tonight and it seemed to fix the prob. 
Fingers crossed.