Monday, April 7, 2008

B-Day FUN!

It all started off with a white van pulling up to my house. It was all decorated inside with bday decor and full of my awesome friends. From there we went to the DiFranco's restaurant Tesoro and then to Handlebar J's to drink and dance. It was pretty funny because that night was total frat night. A big bus full of half dressed girls and jocks trying to look like cowboys. After many drinks, swing lessons and laughs we headed to Casey Moores for last call and a screaming contest. The night ended off at Maurizio's house where we danced more, drank more, screamed more and then headed home at 5 am. I'm getting too old for this 5 am stuff but it was sure fun and I have awesome friends!!!!! On Sunday (my actual bday) I recovered with drinks and yummy food at Four Peaks with the crew and later on Mr Matt showed up to bring me a nice gift...Thanks guys.

at the dinner table


Mr Cody Cloud

My neighbor Peter

Tom B and Mike



Maurizio showing off his first tattoo

Rob and Mike


Inside the party van
The Van they rented
Decor inside the van
Cindy outside of Handlebar J's

the cowboy bar!

This is the kind of frat/sorority girls that were there partying.. oh dear.

Yikes..the girls were scantilly clad

this lady won for best SLUTTY oufit.. sweet jesus!

sonia dancing hard

Cindy and Seamus

Shots and Screams

dana, me, yuki and cindy

Nick and Sonia

Dana and Maurizio
andy mac yo
shooting beers (is that what they call this?)

brian, maui, cody and nick

My first swing dance lesson ryan!!!!

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