Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bye Bye Birdie

I swear, you'd prob think I lived at the lake or river if you looked at my blog enough! I'm so tan it's ridiculous. Salt River.. it's so beautiful there

We stopped at the Ranch Market so Shelly could see how INSANE it is in there. They have so much meat there that it's kinda disgusting. They have strange things like a whole cow head, pig feet, cow tongue and pork sausage that they shaped in the form of a pigs head. YIKES.

Dinner at Tesoro. Cindy, Allison, Shelly and Me. I look so uptight in this pic.

The sign in the back entrance of the Bikini

End of the night

Since it was Cindy and her friend Shelly's last night in town we decided to have a blow out. I took a half day of work, packed up the dogs and headed to the lake. We went to Saguaro to check it out but there wasn't really any good places to just chill with the dogs so we hit the Salt River up instead. Later in the evening we had a delicious meal at Tesoro and hit up some local bars. Bikini first and then to Shady's to meet up with neighbor. The night ended with us all going back to my apartment and chilling. The finale was my stinking dog Ruby attacking my poor Atilla. Ruby has a problem with always wanting to dominate every other dog, even people at times. Half the night she was following Cindys dog Henry around and forcing him into corners. She goes thru her phases where she'll be fine and then the next she wants blood. It's really frustrating and stressful at times, esp when it's just me at home trying to pull these two dogs apart. It's even WORSE when Chi Chi starts in on it also. UGH, it sucks. While I was pulling Ruby off of Atilla I managed to break a glass that I was holding. That's two glasses out of a set of 4 from Anthropologie i've broken this week. Lame.

This weekend will be my first weekend alone in my apartment in two months. I hope I can keep my head busy and not think about certain things. If I could just go to bed ONE night without thinking i'd be SO happy.I want peaceful sleep where I don't wake up two hours before i am supposed to and where I don't have dreams. I'm probably the only person that doesn't like dreaming.

OH and the other day I got a collection notice in the mail. The notice said I owed $87.77 to Cingular. I called right away b-cuz I do not even have a Cingular acct. They went on to tell me that it was for an Ameritech acct from Illinois. The best part was what year it was from, get this... 1999.. WTF!!! I'm not paying it. 1999? HA

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