Friday, April 4, 2008


This is my other best friend Cindy. I've known her since 8th grade. We sat at the lunch table together and she wore these white braided bracelets around her wrists. I remember she would eat the crusts off of my sandwiches b-cuz I am a super picky eater... it was BFF all the way after that. We used to make my Dad drive us to the mall so we could walk around and try to meet boys, we'd go to all the cool punk shows in the Chicagoland area, I think we saw Jawbox and Shudder to Think more than anybody else. We'd take the train downtown and go to all the street festivals, go camping and go on all kinds of fun excursions. One night we met this crazy musician on the streets outside the Cabaret Metro named Johnny Polanski and went to his hotel room to party because we thought his friend was cute but Mr Polanski was a TOTAL freak and took all his clothes off and was jumping on the hotel bed with his gross penis flopping around-I snagged his sunglasses and we ran so fast and so far, it was pretty funny. I guess we were the naive ones in the long run.. Lesson 1-don't go to strange rockstar wannabe's hotel rooms.

I do think she's prob seen me puke more than anybody else from over drinking these past few weeks and BOY what a sloppy drunk I have been.. She's been taking good care of me and i'm lucky to have her here with me. I keep saying i'm not going to drink again but it just happens.. the drink just jumps into my hand and down my throat.. wicked i tell ya. So in my one bedroom apt I have Me, Cindy, her dog Henry, my dogs Atilla, Ruby and Chi Chi. I wish I had an extra bedroom for her so she didnt' have to sleep on my couch, then again neither of us have been able to sleep due to too much on our minds.

Last night Meg and Wez had extra tickets to see Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation author) speak at ASU Gammage and after that it was off to Casey Moores for a drink and then to Shady's to meet up with our neighbor. UGH I stayed up waaay too late. I did wake up in time for work tho and my co-worker got me a Jamba Juice for my B-day! YAY! Tonight I will NOT drink. Somehow I managed to hurt my arm. I can't extend it all the way, no clue how I did that. I have no idea how I am going to ride my bike to First Friday tonight...

Cindy and my neighbor at Shadys

An idea at the size of our dogs..and the size of my tiny kitchen.. Chi Chi isn't in the photo tho.. she's a chihuahua that likes to hump the cat.

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