Monday, April 14, 2008

Party Weekend

Meg and the Cindys
the sign inside the Cornish Pasty

DJ Horsepussy

Cindy, Meg and I went out to a skater party her husband was dj'ing at in Phoenix Saturday night. It's fun to watch the boys/girls skate the empty pool. I am always a bit weary of a board flying up out of the pool and hitting me in the face tho so I stay back. DJ Horsepussy was spinning some music and we brought our own lil stash of Jack Daniels.

Meg bought me a b-day dinner at the Cornish Pasty. I seem to always get the Shepards Pie. I'm one of those people that orders the same thing over and over again at restaurants. It was delicious and we also had a chance to hit up TT Roadhouse where I ran into my old friend Josh. It was a good time and nice to hangout with my friends instead of hiding out in my house.

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