Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Early birds score the biggest worm.

Yippee!! Finally I was able to go thrifting and actually FIND good stuff. It seems most of the shops out here are so picked thru. I miss thrifting in Illinois when I was a teenager. I would find THE best stuff. I'll be posting all of these shoes on ebay shortly. My seller name is Thriftbunny72 if you are interested in any of the vintage shoes ;o)

the red boots with the heels are SO hot that i'm almost tempted to keep them. I'll most likely just sell them tho. I could use the extra cash. I may go to NYC at the end of June. ;o)

snakeskin... sssssssssssssss

I was so bummed when I saw the size on these Zodiac's.... 6.5 UGH! They are SO rad.
The beige Zodiacs are a size 8 STILL a half size too small for me. grrrrr.

I didnt buy any of the non shoe items listed here. I just thought they were awesome and picture worthy ESP the dolls.. so creepy cool. I think they wanted $45 for them. The mirror is really old and it had 3 light bulbs around the sides.

HE HE HE HE This is almost as good at finding the kegelsizer.
A Beetlejuice Mannequin.

I LOVE LOVE this old sign for Bullocks. It's on Bethany Home Road right off the I17. It's an old dive bar. There is a thriftstore in this complex that used to have THE best records. Occasionally I can still score good ones but you have to dig and dig and dig. Half the time when I go to this thriftstore tho it says it opens and 10 am and I arrive early and wait and wait and NOBODY shows up.. wth!

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Anonymous said...

I am crossing my fingers that those dolls don't haunt my sleep!

How much did they want for the old stroller? So cool.

I added you to my blogroll! :)