Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've died and gone to heaven...

Ok is this NOT the coolest bracelet EVER? It's a Zuni inlay and i'm sure I wont be able to bid high enough to win it.

These turquoise ones are from a seller named sheilahare and she had THE MOST beautiful items EVER! The square bracelet is $671 (yikes) and the Zuni Ceremonial Petitpoint one is $371 and 4 3/4 TALL!! Maybe once I list all those boots on ebay I will have enough money. Wait, i'm supposed to be saving my money. UGH! As this crazy Roman guy I met in Italy would say "Fuck, im FUCKED" ***Update- DANG IT.. the seller just HAD to go and tempt/tease me reminding me that Paypal offers financing.. imagine how cool the HUGE Zuni one would look on my way too small wrist. Knowing me i'd get drunk, fall over at a bar and ruin it. Man, NY, NY or bracelet.. I could prob sell something else to help cover it..... *sigh* I wish I had someone here to tell me NO NO NO.

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