Thursday, May 1, 2008

A non-smoking STONER

I don't know what is wrong with my head lately. I've been leaving the burner on my stovetop on, my oven on and even messing up at my work. I have 16 yr old acne and play with my hair and itch my skin as if i'm on crack. You'd swear I was a stoner but I don't even smoke the dope! Sometimes I think maybe I should, perhaps it would have the opposite effect on me. I'm always in a rush to do things and trying to finish too many projects at once. I can't keep up with my mind. Last night, each time i'd go take a drink of my wine i'd find two lil gnats in it. I don't even know how many bugs I prob drank down before I realized that these bugs kept finding their way into my drink!

The other night I went out with a neighbor of mine, we will call him Mr E Culver St, over to the Royale. I have never hung out with him alone and he was either A) chatting up this dude next to him or B) talking on his cell phone.. WTH? what ever happened to friends having conversation? I know I'm not THAT boring?? It was nice to get out of the house and do something tho.. it's lonesome at times.

This year has been a real doozy so far. I'm really hoping the rest of the year will get better. I want to blame it all on that dumb eclipse. Ok, lets think of some good things that have happened.. um.. Well, I only owe $450 on one credit card now and $650 on another. (soon to be $350 once we get that money Bush is sending). I paid off my Best Buy credit card and I'm nearly dept free, besides my stinkin truck. The landlord finally put on a metal security door and my Ruby is still alive and, besides my lil quirks, I'm pretty healthy (physically).

Speaking of health, while at the Royale since I had to entertain myself, I asked the male nurse that was there what's the gnarliest thing he's seen and he said this guy from Mexico came in and he had this rare case of Tuberculosis and his skin would literally fall off in your hands. Life seems so much better knowing that regardless of all the bad, it could be MUCH WORSE!

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