Wednesday, May 21, 2008


"Ori-(to fold) kaso-(plastic): the art of folding plastic.
Applied to tableware this results in a heat resistant, watertight mug, bowl or plate which is constructed from a completely flat piece of polypropylene. Weighing only a few grams and less than a millimetre thick, Orikaso is far easier to transport and store than 'traditional' tableware in any situation where weight and space are an issue. Due to the unique properties of polypropylene, Orikaso products can be used time and time again without suffering any kind of structural fatigue or weakening.
So whether for picnics in the park or tea on top of a mountain Orikaso is the ideal solution for those who want to eat and drink in the great outdoors.
Orikaso products also make an ideal marketing tool, whether as a mail-shot, giveaway or event souvenir. All products can be fully customised with corporate branding, logos or adverts."

These would be great for camping! I hate lugging stuff around. I copied the above text from and on the


Anonymous said...

That's a great idea for camping! You'd be the coolest camper in the park.

Anonymous said...

These are really neat! I would be kind of cool if there were paper ones for take out too. Love them!

Rob said...

have to play backgammon before dinner, or the pieces could be mistaken for carrots and blackbeans.