Friday, May 16, 2008

random goodies and the shady dell

ok this pic has nothing to do with this post but i love our robot costumes. i made the one on the far left. on the way to bisbee, AZ. if you have NOT been to southern AZ you need to go!

the pic below is of Ben Todd's equipment at the, crap, i forget the name of the bar at the moment but it's in Bisbee, AZ and he's known as The Lonesome Shack. Look him up! He's the BEST!!!

a bird on a cat on a dog.

we caught these kids posting this funny poster about some girl they did not like. it was very funny
love this old car wash sign in Douglas , AZ
Ok, so the Shady Dell consists of a bunch of different trailers from the 50's, a boat and an old bus that you can rent out for the night. They are all decorated in old 50's style. Our trailer even had an old record player and TV that actually worked. It was so rad.
We stayed in this trialer.. My Mini turned out to be a hunk of junk. I do miss her tho....

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