Friday, May 2, 2008

Sassiest Boy in America 1991

Above- Weird War (how hot is that guy with the handlebar stache?)

I still remember when Ian Svenonius was voted the Sassiest Boy in America in Sassy magazine circa 1991. I wish I had kept all my Sassy magazines DANG IT!.. Nation of Ulysses was a riot to see live, even the Make-Up. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago during this phase of my life and I was able to see lots of great shows.
Arizona owns the second saddest day of my life. This was when somebody stole ALL my cd's out of my car. Ok, mind you, i'm the dummy that left my cd carrier full of my entire collection of music out in my car over night. I mean COME ON!! Like who ever it was that stole my cd's even listens to anything on Dischord or punk rock in general. MY ENTIRE Dischord collection was GONE. I cried and cried and was infuriated when the insurance company wouldn't replace any of my cd's. fuckers. I'm not that punk rock I guess because I didn't own them all on LP's..but still.. I guess if I had owned them all on LP they would have never been in my car and/or been stolen.
Want to hear about the first saddest day of my life? Ok, here we go... I was prob in 7th grade or so when my Dad came home with a 3 day old kitten. It was so young her eyes weren't even open yet. My Dad found her in the trunk of a Nissan Sentra at his bodyshop at the time. This kitten was the only one left alive so he brought her home to the animal loving Cindy. I fed her with an eye dropper and kept her in a gerbil cage at night so she wouldn't run around my room. She was so so tiny. My Dad always told me to make sure I keep her in the cage because she would prob get into some sort of trouble when I was sleeping.
One night, sure enough, the kitten, whom I named Sentra, had climbed up into my bed while I was sound asleep. My sister who was in the top bunk said she called down to me and said I was suffocating my kitten but I was too asleep to even know. I'm still mad that she didn't get OUT of her bed and punch me to wake up. Well, the next day when I woke up I went to go and get my kitten to hangout with her like I did everyday and when I couldn't locate her I freaked out. I looked all over my room and then I realized that I prob should check my bed ...yup, I found her.. I had rolled over and smothered my poor little kitten!!!! I had no clue she could climb the side of my bed, which, was pretty far off of the ground.Sad huh? I remember U2's with or without you was a popular song at the time and i'd go out in the backyard to our tent and just cry and cry. I swear I have such weird things happen to me. I mean WHO rolls over and KILLS their kitten? blah. Sorry, i'm not the best at punctuating. I wish this thing had a punctuation check like it does with spell check.

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Anonymous said...

my sister still has all of her sassies.

that is the saddest story about your kitty. :(