Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Extended Warranties

Good thing I got the extended warranty on my truck... the air conditioning went out. I had to get a new raditator, compressor, fan and whatever the hell else it needed. Totalled ever $1,400 *CHING*CHING* PAID BY THE WARRANTY company. THANK GOD! Esp since my payroll check just BOUNCED! I deposited the check into my wells fargo acct friday, tried to pull the cash out Friday night to deposit into my normal checking acct with another bank and they said I couldn't do that till Saturday. Saturday morning rolls around, I hit up wells fargo, take my money out and deposit it into my other bank and today I get an email stating that my payroll check bounced due to non-sufficient funds from my work!! LAME. I hope they will pay the $25 overdraft fee cuz it wasn't my fault (this time, phew!)

Back to the truck-I am actually trying to sell my truck. I just got a phone call from somebody "claiming" they are coming to look at it tonight. I don't believe people anymore, they are all flakes. My replacement car choise today would be the Honda CR-V. Honda has everybody beat so far when it comes to reliability and fuel efficiency. I am SO indecisive. I did want a 4-runner but my friends are chewing me up on that one ESP with how high gas prices are. $4.15 in Scottsdale today. Anybody want to move to the country with me and buy a bunch of horses and grow our own food and use all solar energy?

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supableum said...

Eric and I have been talking about that for years... that's how we ended up in Oregon. Any ideas on a location?