Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I have the Luck of the Devil!

Yes..we showed up at the Tom Waits show ticketless. It sold out in 5 mins and tickets were being sold secondhand for $350++++ on craigslist- BUT, BUT!!! The last minute after waiting outside for a bit with no luck on scoring tickets Joe went to the box office to see if anything opened up and sure as shit-TWO TICKETS were released-8th row in the middle. PERFECT!!!!!! It was THE best show I have ever seen, even better than Rodan's last show ever at Lounge Ax in Chicago, even better than Merle Haggard and Bob Dylan-sorry guys! It was still rad to see ya but Mr Waits was rad.

The pics aren't the greatest but I tried!! They are also in reverse order. I can not figure out how to get these pics to post on this dumb blog. I'm too lazy to drag and fix em all.

Like these two pics were from like, 1 am at the Royale. I went with my neighbor Peter for a drink after the show. He was about to ride his bike over as soon as I pulled up to my house. Lucky guy is leaving to France for cooking school for a few weeks!!! Mrs Lil is the bartender at the Royale and she's been the bartender for the last 35 years or something crazy. I love Mrs Lil. She pours a good strong drink and they have the coolest pinball handle.. look above!

I think I look at too many celebrity photos and I tend to pose like them-arm out, chin up! At least i'm not saying "Prune" like they say the Olsen Twins do when they are taking photos.


Inside the theatre on the way out

Light fixture-neat-o!

I want to dress like Mr Waits!

The Disco Ball hat was the coolest part!

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