Monday, June 2, 2008


Jazmine doing the Scorpion
Me attempting the Scorpion. I will have to start doing yoga more often now that Jazmine gave me a ton of her lululemon gear. I do think they make the best yoga clothes. Check it here I just found out they give free Yoga Classes every Saturday at 9 am in Scottsdale more info

She's the cutest little girl. You should see it when she pretends she is cute. We hit up a reception in Brentwood for a friend of Jaz's who just got married.

Can I say how NICE Brentwood is? We were surrounded by big hills and lots of trees
Tequila in an espresso cup. YUCK!
we had fun with the photo booth option on her MAC. We nearly started crying we were laughing so hard at these pics
I've known Jazmine since we were 14 or 15. We went to see Depeche Mode in '88 and Lord knows what other kinds of mischief we used to get into. I'm glad that we can still maintain a friendship thru thick and thin. I've had to clean out my friend closet the last few years and get rid of the bad seeds-you know the kind, the ones that love when your life is not going well, they feed on your insecurities because in reality, they are the ones that are more insecure than we are/were... SO glad that I have my true crew for life ;o)

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