Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend in Venice, CA!

I spent the last 4 days in Venice, CA with my best friend and her two lil ones. Having kids is A LOT OF WORK!!!!! Her kiddies are super cute-prob the prettiest babies you will ever see. I think she gets stopped every 5 min's with people telling her how beautiful they are. We got to see the new house, which is AMAZING! The walk in closet is half the size of my bedroom now and the shower in the master bedroom is HUGE! Heres a pic of the tub in that same bathroom..

cute lil Umani! She like to copy every move you make-adorable!
Here's a view of my guest house.. i mean the guest house and garage
looking at the back of the house
The house has such amazing woodwork.

The cute front yard/porch
Jaz mastered the Scorpion!
Umani had her head against the mirror and was chatting
On our way home we passsed by this AWESOME house that was covered with a mosaic. The WHOLE house, everything down to the front gate was done. SO RAD!

it was hard to get a good shot.
this one should help tho.. it was ALL like the pic below
Another random house that was neat. Venice is full of so many unique houses.

The cute wood fence in front of Jazmines current house..lil hearts!

I got to go to the beach one day with Jazmine, the babies, two other babies and their parents. Jaz has more pics of the kids on her camera that I am waiting for. Jazmine kept making me laugh so I have a dumb look on my face. Body by Jack and Coke.

Venice Beach was PACKED on the 4th.

Jazmine and I took the kids to the yoga studio they own for a Kirtan/Chanting class. This particular session was put on by Govindas & Radha and was actually quite fun. The kids had a blast and it was great people watching. The music/chanting was really good. If you live in the Santa Monica/LA area you should check one out at their studio

This is what an exhausted baby does when she gets home from dancing too hard.. she walked straight to her room and laid down on the pillows and passed out. awwwwww.. The kids are cute and very smart. Jazmine is doing a good job and I give her a pat on the back for being a full time mommy. Shes teaching her first kids yoga class tomorrow also!!

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