Thursday, August 28, 2008

My TRUE home sweet home is.....

CHICAGO here I come!! I can't wait to eat at Al's cafe & creamery and a yummy hot dog at Portillo's. I can't wait to hit up all my old shops and to check out all the cute boys at Reckless Records, see my friends and family. It's going to be in the low 80's the whole time YAY! I used to take the train downtown to go to School at Columbia College. Union Station wasn't too far from the Sears Tower and i'd have to walk pretty far, but it was a great walk and I miss being amongst the hussle and bussle of a real city. I think one more year in AZ and then i'm off to explore a new place. I hear Asheville, NC is awesome and Jazmine has a guest house in Venice and MAYBE a new baby in a year so she'll def need my help with 3 lil ones running around. Jaz, you're one tuff mama and a good mama you are.

The Music Box is a super cool old movie theatre downtown and if you look up there are clouds and stars that flicker on the ceiling. It is so awesome.
R.I.P Lounge AX. I've seen so many shows there. Rodan's last show, June of 44, Thinking Fellers Union, IDA (somebody called in a bomb threat at this show and we had to evacuate), Karate, Seam, Tortoise, Rachels, The Mommyheads, Girls Against Boys, Trenchmouth.. gosh the list could go on for miles. The only problem I had with the Lounge Ax was the super thick cigarette smoke. I think I prob have lung cancer just from 2nd hand smoke at the Lounge Ax. John Dillinger was murdered across the street from here in front of the Biograph Theatre and they have/had the Lincoln Park street fest-I swear everytime I went we'd get rained out. I remember watchinig Shellac and it started downpouring so we hid under a table.

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Colin said...

I'm soooo bummed I can't go!

This will be good for you...!!!!