Thursday, August 14, 2008

Same Old, Say Mold

I realized this morning that I really need to get rid of MORE clothes. Even tho the cool vintage green hip huggers that I purchased at a vintage shop in Chicago more than 15 years ago still fit me to a T, they are too worn out to wear.. thus ripping the paper thin ass out when I bent over to put my shoes on this morning to go to work. Instead of trying to repair, I will just get rid of them. I recently gave up a skirt that I made in high school that still fit me-mind you, I made this skirt out of a pair of Jazmine's lil brothers old beat up jeans. I just didn't wear it that often and it was too short for my taste these days. I have tons of necklaces, belts, shoes, that I hardly wear but it's SO hard for me to part with stuff.

My friend is having a big vintage yard sale this weekend and I hope I can find enough stuff to sell to make extra cash for my trip back home to Chicago over Labor Day. I want to hit up all my old shopping places- thriftstores, Al's Cafe for a delicious chocolate malt and colby burger, Portillo's for a yummy hot dog, Belmont and Wicker Park area for shopping and I want to see a bunch of my old friends. I want to be in a REAL city for a little bit. I want to be amongst the hussle and bussle of downtown and stand in that concrete jungle.

Finding a dog sitter is a challenge also. I don't want to ask my sex crazed neighbor because i've asked him enough and I wouldn't want to interupt their mating rituals. I found a dog sitter flyer at the Wag'N'Wash petstore so I'm going to find out the scoop on that. I always feel so bad/guilty leaving my dogs to go anywhere. I hate going camping or into the woods without them, I hate not being able to bring them to Chicago with me. I worry tho because my dogs have been very aggresive towards anybody that walks by me in my neighborhood. I do live where there are a lot of drunk homeless dudes and I think they are just trying to be macho to protect me. It's kind of frustrating tho, because they are hard to control when they are in attack mode and it's scares me.

blah bla bla

cha cha cha changes coming soon.

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