Monday, August 18, 2008

Want to go camping?!

I finally got my new sleeping bag in the mail. I busted the zipper on my old one while in Colorado so I said F'it and bought a new one b-cuz the price to fix the zipper will prob cost half as much as a new bag. This particular sleeping bag i purchased is made by Sierra Designs and it weighs a mere 2 lbs 5 oz.. so LIGHT and nice. I will use the old bag for my dogs or for extra padding underneath mine.
I LOVE my lantern. If you are looking for a great camping lantern I recommend one of these by Primus. Tho I do not recommend lighting one at 1:30 am in the middle of the night while drunk and trying to pack up camp.. you'll get burned like I did HA!This small MSR Pocket Rocket stove works great for small cooking projects.. It folds up so small and weighs practically nothing..If I had the extra cash i'd be a camping princess and buy these things... This Therma-rest Dream Time Sleeping pad... it's only *gulp* $180
I think I may actually purchase this baby... Primus Atle Stove $90. Arizona has a lot of fire laws and half the time you can't even have a fire so this would be nice to cook on.
REI Ti Ware Nonstick Titanium Cookware. Non-stick cookware when camping would come in pretty handy with the way I burn stuff
For the times when you CAN have an open fire these grill racks would be great!

Now I want to go camping.. anybody want to go with me and the mutts? OH! I can't forget my favorite camping item... Baby wipes. They come in handy for EVERYTHING!

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