Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Old Time Candy...

The cherry Jolly Rancher was the best! I do love the lemon also..

BOY did I love candy when I was a kid, you'd be able to tell by all my fillings now that I still love candy. I remember when I was a kid I stole a dinasour egg when my mom took us to the grocery store and I decided to eat it while taking a bath, I thought I was being sly and wouldn't get caught..sure as shit, my Mom busted me and asked where I got it. I think I made up some story where I got it but i'm sure she knew the truth. I thought I was so grown up when I was younger. We used to walk all the way to the 7-11 in Carpentersville, IL when I was like in 2nd grade and steal candy or we would just walk the streets while my Mom was at work at play near the swamp. We would collect frogs, crawfish, salamanders, etc.. I LOVED Salamanders so much I used to kiss them HA! I remember my friend Sheila and I tied our shoelaces to each other shoes and then threw a rock at a car and we were so dumb we started running but realized we couldn't run with our feet tied together.

My Grandpa used to get us these Tootsie Roll banks full of the candy when we were kids..yummmy

This gum was so good...for about 2 seconds--must be a man that made these..

we used to suck the juice out and then chew on the gross wax bottles.. eeeek
I never really liked these but we still ate them cuz it was sugar!

This is like kool-aid flavoring with lil white sticks you dip in the powder. Once I tried to make kool aid with the powder but it was so bitter.

I could eat a whole roll of these in 5 min's
Hard powder discs that turned into gum
the jerky kids we were we thought it was funny to put a few pieces in the dogs mouth

annoying whistle pops.
candy rings were always delicious!
sweet tart like lipstick
we'd fill our mouths up with this gum and see who could blow the biggest bubbles
pixie sticks! You can buy a lot of this old timey candy here


jessie frances said...

mmmmmmm. i had a jolly ranchers stick in mouth for years straight ... fun dip was a fave too... in 4th grade i had nerds for lunch quite often...

Youngest Indie said...

I was scared to eat pop rocks. But I loved abba zabba and push pops. I had one of those tootsie roll piggy banks too!