Monday, September 15, 2008

Pack Rat Packing.

Packing.. oh boy! I have nearly all my stuff in boxes. I packed half ass, I wrapped most of my fragile items in bath towels and bed sheets. I believe I have 5 crates of records, 2 big boxes of shoes, 4 under bed bins FULL of clothes and that's not counting the 2 big boxes I have full of clothes now and the extra pole of clothes and two dressers STILL full, ugh. I reckon i'll be going thru and getting rid of more stuff when I unpack it. It's so weird to pack up after being in one place for so long. It's a bit scary in some ways and awesome in others. Now lets hope that our little house on the top of the hill in the desert mountain preserve will take good care of us!

It will be so nice, no more holes in Ruby's feet and broken teeth in her mouth from fighting thru the chainlink fence with the neighbors pitbulls, no more strangers knocking on my door at 7 am asking for kleenex, no more dirty walls and dust covered everything from the super fine dirt backyard! Ok, so i'll prob have to deal with a few scorpions here and there, roadrunners, coyotes havalinas, who knows what else,but I do think it will be way better in the long run and healthier. SO now we have a year to spend on the $700,000 property in the house that is going to be bulldozed in a year after we move out to make a new modern house ;o(

There were some good visitors here and there, this little Hispanic boy Daniel would ride his big wheel over and knock on my door and want to help me water my plants and play with my chihuahua. Then I had this boxer dog who lived down the street and he was in love with my Ruby, he'd scale his owners fence at 3 am, run 2 blocks to my house and scratch on my front door till he woke me up. I should have kept Duke. The jerk owners didn't take good care of him and he eventually got out of his yard and was nearly mauled to death by these 4 neighborhood dogs that were being starved to death by the asshole owners. I will DEF miss the Tranny Hookers around the corner.............

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Sunshine said...

look at you go! i think you've picked a better time to move than i did. my whole summer got ate up by the mayhem.

my brother had a run-in w a havalina once. that is one tough bastard rodent!