Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shoe Scores!

Found these comfy clogs at the thriftstore last weekend and the boots below will be going on

e-bay soon.. they are vintage Wild Pair in a size 8. Bummed they aren't 8 1/2!!!

Lanvin Resort 2008 Blue Platforms scored from Last Chance..under $80. I may put these on e-bay and then I can buy the pair of Munoz Vrandecic shoes I want so bad but they are 600 EURO ;o( That's more than I make in two weeks of work BUT they emailed me back and said they have samples sometimes that are cheaper... I'm not sure if these Lanvin platforms are fugly or awesome? Patent Metallic Blue Size 39

wait, maybe I should buy a new mattress or pay off some dept, or take a class.... UGH MONEY -blah.

Love Chie Mihara shoes!!! I'm so happy I found these at Last Chance also and they were only $39.99 ;o)

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jessie frances said...

AND we wear the same shoe size