Friday, September 26, 2008

What's wrong with me?

want, want, want...I keep thinking about these lil cars. I love having a truck and all but the gas bill is $60+ a week and road trips cost SO much more. I used to have a Mini Cooper and loved it until the clutch and trans went at 53,000 miles or something ridiculous costing $4,000 + to fix, then more probs hap'd after we had it fixed so I traded it for my Nissan Frontier and then I had probs with that also...lifters went bad, air conditioning failed, it still makes bad noises when I start it and i'm getting fed up. I do think a BRAND NEW Honda is going to be the way to go. It will last forever and this little one gets 27/33 mpg. I'd def get the stick and the cheaper model. I like how the seats can be folded down flat so my dogs don't ruin it and I can shove big thriftstore finds in it also. We'll see.. we'll see... i'd sure like a car that I could take on roadtrips and not spend as much as an airline ticket would cost doing it......Mone has my 4-runner still and I doubt he'll have it fixed anytime before December-so i'll still have a truck to go camping and off roading etc. I should say no to more car payments tho huh? UGH! decisions.. decisions..

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