Friday, October 24, 2008


Barry, a sales guy at work surprised me and brought me this today -a Pumpkin Scone-from Starbucks. The frosting is so sugary and good YUMMMMY. I'll walk it off tomorrow when I take the dogs hiking.

I LOVE my Blundstones. I purchased these in Australia years ago and they are still holding up and look even better now that they are worn in then when they were new. You can get some here You can also find them cheaper on E-bay.

I had one bad experience when I was wearing these in Boston. The ground in Boston must be SUPER hard b-cuz my feet hurt SO bad that I could not walk. I had to have my old friend Patrick carry me half the time. I felt so silly but it was as if somebody beat the bottom of my feet with a paddle. I wonder if it was the shoes? They really don't have much in the cushiony bottom dept. So weird.

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