Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hi, Hello!

A few pics I have taken over the years. I really need to just carry my camera with me at all times.

The photo above was taken with my cell phone in the parking lot of a Goodwill
Vargas told me he saw this pic in a skater magazine??? I took this one in Venice, CA. The guy was a bit off his knocker, but nice, and he gave me a big ol stinky hug. I thought I was surely going to get lice from that hug.
Hilary's bday cake New Years
My nephew Justin in a weeping willow tree. I love weeping willow trees and mangrove trees.
Pinball machine at the Phoenix Greyhound Park
Memorial Day Parade-Chicago
The Lonesome Shacks Gear-Bisbee, AZ. I love Ben's music, he's a great guy. Click the link and listen to "Let me Believe' So GOOD! He now lives in Seattle, WA. If you live in that area DEF go check him out. He's also a treat for the eyes ..

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