Thursday, October 9, 2008

Look I found my collection..

The other night I was looking for my coin collection but was unable to locate it. It seems when you move you lose track of TONS of stuff. Good news is I FOUND IT! Above is a flattened coin from the World Fair in Chicago 1934. Got this from my Gramps when he passed on

Love the Aztec head piece..

The above two photos are of a 1911 Canadian penny. It's prob worth more than an American Penny these days.. ;oP

1906 Indian Head Penny

Coin from Denmark

This penny came from Jesus. What a great Archeological find! har har..

*sigh* Someday i'll make it to RUSSIA!!!! Love Russian stuff, don't ask me why. I had a dream once and woke up and I had a word stuck in my head. Turns out it's a Russian word.. It's pronounced "das-vid-ania" I forget what it means tho.. Goodbye I think? Perhaps I was a Russian in my past life, hopefully a Russian spy

Looks like a John Deer coin.. it's from South Africa

Got this in Argentina-Did I tell you how when I was flying to Argentina on United Airlines I ate some chicken salad and got a horrible case of food poisoning? I think I went to the bathroom 20 times on the plane. I was so relieved most of the people were sleeping bcuz I get enough anxiety just walking down the aisle to go to the bathroom on an airplane bcuz everybody looks at you. I'm shy and I get nervous in certain situations and then i'll start acting all weird. Maybe it's part of my OCD? It sucked having food poisoning tho ESP in the beef capital of the world. Argentina has the most beautiful people in the world when it comes to looks.

Love Philipino people. I used to work with a lot of Philipinos when I worked for United Airlines. They'd feed me Pansette (sp?), Adobo, Rice Cakes... Mataba means Fat in Tagalo. Peck Peck means crotch. They loved touching my crotch and saying Peck Peck.. I thought it was weird, but prob just part of their culture? Who knows, it was funny, esp since they were women! When I moved to Arizona 10 years ago they threw me a huge party. Roasted me a WHOLE pig with the apple in the mouth, did karaoke and gave me a bag full of snacks for the drive out. I had to deal with my friend Mone's farts the WHOLE way tho.. UGH he has the worst gas. Mone moved out here with me and is still here and a great friend.

Pretty Penny

Brazilian money


someday i'll make it to India also. Jazmine gave me this from her trip there.

I love Italia... the food, the wine, the pretty boys, the pretty buildings.... the DiFranco's... favorite Italian people.


I love 2 dollar bills.

this $20 bill is from 1934.. I can't belive I haven't spent it yet.

I don't know anything about these bills. China maybe? They were part of my Gramps stuff also. My Grandpa was asking for a Pizza Pie on his death bed..

Amazing! Mexican money from 1914. I wonder if this is worth anything?

pretty bird

my pops gave me his collection and I love the steel pennies


My folks went to NYC when we were kids and brought these mint coins back. They aren't mint anymore.. when I was a kid I had to touch EVERYTHING so I took them out of the cases.. OOPS I hope my Dad doesn't find out. I still have to touch EVERYTHING. A little fire starts in my eyes and then spreads to my hands and I just have to touch stuff to put that burning feeling out. I'm way too inquisitive for my own good. I like to problem solve and figure stuff out. I'm not so good at it tho, once I took a sewing machine apart b-cuz it was broken, so I thought i'd try to fix it.I took the machine apart and then I was unable to figure out HOW to put it back together.

Real Silver.. AWESOME!

Part of my Gramps collection

This boy Mike was in the Iraqi war and he brought this back and gave it to me.


Sunshine said...

nice! i have a collection of coins as well. my fav is a penny overprinted w "INSANE ASYLUM" :D

Fashion Serial Killer said...

aww MAN that sounds so awesome haha insane asylum. you should post a pic!!!