Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today I am feeling sentimental for music from my past. I drove to work today to a mix cd and I had to listen to this song twice, it's so damn good...


Lyrics to Descender :

I saw her climb the 13th rung
I heard her singing the song she sung
I caught the flower that she flung
I saw a paper tab burning on her tongue
She's an angel you'll agree
Biggest damn halo
that you're ever gonna see
Her mouth roars her eyes shine
If you're painfully honest
you can stand in her light, man
I saw her blow her fragile fuse
I tried to crack her code
but it was no use
She's concentrating on levitation
Her body burst into violet hues
I took a look at her tattered shoes
I offered her mine but she refused
She said: I want these cuts
on my feet, man
gotta become sensitive as I can
She reached down put some trash
in her hair, man
She don't wonder and she don't ponder
She keeps walking but she
never wanders

The tiny cuts in your skin
They let a little fresh air in
You dilate your opening
And when it starts to gush:
I saw her bleed
I saw her kneel
I don't pretend to understand
What she is feeling
I saw her rise
A golden ray of light
Appeared between her eyes
She rose above the gathering
The sky was dark and the
weather was loud
She coalesced up in the cloud
She converted my without a word
Her churchbell heartbeat
was all I heard

* I love the part about the tattered shoes and cuts in her skin