Saturday, October 18, 2008


Pretty butterfly outside my work Friday.

What a BITCH this was.. took me like 5 hours and help from Dana to put this new door in my bedroom. I had no windows in my room and I love sleeping with the window open when it's cold out. Bad thing is, the door will NOT OPEN NOW ha ha.. that's what hap's when you let me do something manly. I also scored The Faces -Snakes and Ladders LP from the Salvation Army, a pair of black carhart overalls and a few other awesome vintage pieces of clothing. I also made the mistake of putting nail oil in my hair at Whole Foods. I thought it was hair oil... duh. Tonight wine, Saturday Night Live and more Italian leftovers-OH and more baskin robbins ice cream cake. YUM!

stupid doors..

he he.. guess who. My Mom would always cut my hair in a Pixie style and I HATED it.. everybody thought I was a boy.