Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thrift Scores!

I've been watching shoes like these on Ebay since Chloe released a similar pair a while back. They are SO rad and old, BUT, I thought they were an 8.5 and I get home and realize they are a 7.5. I'm going to try to stretch them and pray they will fit.

Cool old workmen boots with a reinforced toe. They are super sturdy, but pretty narrow
Best score of ALL TIME-..this cool vintage Hawthorne for Montgomery Wards bike for $34.99! It rides real smooth and has so much style. I'll def have to sell off the Roadmaster now. If anybody knows anything more about this bike ie; year, value etc.. let me know. It has original everything, even tires!

I may try to switch out the sprocket with the Hiawatha bike I got from a friend. I love the stars, but then again the cool heart like sprocket on the new bike is pretty nice.

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Sunshine said...

if your shoe guy says he can't stretch them i want them!!! i'm a 7 but i can wear thick socks