Monday, October 13, 2008

Totally Random

When I took my Lost Wax Casting class I met this man named Kipp and he taught me how to cut and polish stones. These are the first ones I did with Turquoise.

What an ass I am.. I was walking thru the pressroom at work and my necklace clasp came open and my ancient Roman Glass pendant (it's 2,000 year old Roman glass) fell off and shattered! UGH! I hate when I ruin stuff that's antique. Leave it to me to buy a cool piece of vintage clothing that has been around 50 years, wear it once and ruin it!
Love these Kowalski boots I got years ago. They are kinda Mad Max'ish. I just never know what to wear them with?


Anonymous said...

Those boots reminded me of these:
You could make some to go with your super cool boots.

I in NO way work for this etsy shop, I just came across them and thought that I would have loved those back when I was cooler.

And since you're the coolest, I wish them for you! Not QUITE like a present but it's the best I got today!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

ooh neat-o! Sprocket leggings-they'd also be good while riding my bike bcuz they wouldnt get stuck in the chain like my bell bottoms do! Thanks Tracey you are awesome.