Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend of F-U-N!!

It started out Friday with Dinner at Tesoro with my friend Jacqueline and Steve who is a DR at the mayo clinic..check out his plate... can you guess what he specializes in? They are both SUPER nice and I can't wait to hit up more restaurants with them.

Then Saturday we went up to Cottonwood and hungout with the biker crowd. SO many neat bikes...

This guy was getting down. I love people who aren't afraid to shake a leg alone in front of everybody.

Wet t-shirt contest HA HA.. lordy, lordy

Janet and Lee

I met Dan while leaving the Foundry Thursday night and ran into him again Saturday at the show.

Detroit Cobras played, love them... the sound was crap tho.

Nick and Rob

This guy looks JUST like our friend CC's brother Zach. Got to love the hat

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